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Badlands Media was launched by Jon Herold, and seeks to present a collection of independent researchers, citizen journalists, Anons and free thinkers as varied in their approaches and perspectives as they are unified in common purpose—that being the hunt for truth in all aspects of the shifting sands in the ongoing information war between the forces of Sovereignty and Globalism the world over.

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Ryan DeLarme
Specializing in 5th generational warfare solutions since 2018
Joe Lange
Making common sense great again!
American Hypnotist
Most hypnotists want to put people to sleep. But I'm here to wake people up. Inquire within to learn more.
Just Human 
A Human, weathering my intuitions. Husband. Father. Texan. Researcher. Alt Media Anon.
Contributor to Badlands Media. Political/Conspiracy related opinions and thought pieces by AbsoluteTruth1776. God Bless America. If you’d like to tip me for my efforts, you can do so at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jtfac1776
Badlands Media 
We are Badlands Media, a collective of citizen journalists committed to honesty and integrity in our work. We are doing our part to take our country back from the vice grip the MSM has had over us for decades.