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Thank you Kitty. That was a very good article with great insights and summary of the total failure of our election system. You are a true Patriot.

I think this article is a good example what I believe has been going on since at least 2008. It's has been amplified since Trump came in and shined a FLOOD LIGHT on all the corruption in our Government. What is going on in AZ. is proof positive that all Americans are captives and slaves to those that have infiltrated government world wide. I think it is by design that AZ is being used as an example to demonstrate that; what makes us ALL Americans, no matter our ethnic background, or race or political beliefs, as "Citizens" the ONE common thing that makes us all Americans is that we all have ONE playbook. We call it "The Constitution". And the root node of that playbook is our sovereign right to vote for the people we want to represent us. That has been cast aside. Americans no longer enjoy that freedom. And it seems the combination of the PEOPLE not being aware or not caring has thrown us into situation we are in now. So, it is time for the POEPLE to cast off the government which no longer protects our Freedoms. We can no longer try to fix a corrupt system from within said corrupt system. And that starts in the States - NOT DC. AZ may just be, or should be, the first State to fix the REAL problem and not just its symptoms (which is where they want our focus). The People of AZ should first cast out all elected officials and THEN rerun the election. The sooner people realize that we are not on our way to becoming a fallen nation, and that we are already there, the sooner we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - AGAIN!

- Only at the Precipice. And now we know where that precipice is. ARIZONA.

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Excellent Kitty, we here in Arizona are ground zero! My hubby and I voted in person and lo and behold his vote was counted and mine wasn't, now what's up with that??? If it wasn't so ridiculous what's going on here in Maricopa County, and if it was a screenplay for a movie, I would give it thumbs down for it would make a 'B' movie, so to speak...anyway, I feel certain that the patriot fighters we truly elected won't stop fighting, after all, we are the wild Wild West, hahahahhaa

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Fantastic dig Kitty! I was aware of some but not all your information. The "C" in the statute is very interesting! Thanks again and I signed up for your newsletter. ❤️

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Those vote totals are telling the story for sure. This election needs to be redone.

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Well this makes a VERY strong argument for photo ID, paper ballots and hand count only elections no?

Excellent article! It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. You are the news now! Go get em girl!

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My guess is that the algorithms inside these voting machines are applying fractions to votes, thereby favoring "preferred" candidates. In the absence of examining the software code itself (good luck with that!), then the only way to determine what the algorithms are doing is to conduct a full hand count of MORE ballots than what the audit law(s) may specify. There's likely a trigger number of ballots (250, 500...?) which must be fed into the tabulators before any manipulation begins to occur. So, count 1,000 or 10,000 ballots and compare to the machine totals for each candidate.

By the way, a court is allowing Nye County, NV, to hand-count their ballots to verify the accuracy of the tabulators. This needs to be done everywhere...

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Praying all of the lies/fraud of the treacherous thieves will be overthrown; & they be held guilty. Today isn’t soon enough. May these ungodly, obstinate, willful fatherless sons, sons & daughters of whores--reap the full measure of calamity & futility that they have sown. May the wrath of GOD be quickly kindled (psalm 2:12) against all rebellious self-proclaimed ‘power brokers’ of this world, all battleground states, & esp AZ (they know who they are & so does the Creator). Thank YOU, GOD, that “YOUR power is limitless!” (psalm 145:11)! Ppl, pls agree w/this ⚡️🙏!

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Please take a look at the Monkey Werx SITREP 11.18.22 - FRIDAY LIVE!

This is a Plane, that is running routes over Phoenix area. Looks like it is doing Man in the Middle cell phone reception / sending since right before the mid term's. May be something Jicky going on with this Plane and the Mid Terms.


Starting at 11:00

Monkey mentions this plane in prior SITREP 11.14.22 with more info.


Some one from Maracopa county should look into this Plane.

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I have lived in Maricopa County since 1992. I would not put any weight into Jennifer Wright. This tactic is to try to get the people of Arizona to take a step back, to back off if you will. This is a ploy, and she too is compromised just like rhino Brnovich is. I do not trust any of them people embedded deep in Maricopa County, as this is likely the most criminal deep state embedded county in the entire country. Including our criminally corrupt Sheriff Penzone whom should have been thrown in jail for defying a judges court order to hand over the routers. But business as usual in Maricopa County... Nothing ever gets done.. Nobody ever gets held accountable, unless of course you are Paul Petersen:)

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Wow, are pasty white guys with greasy hair, wearing bad sneakers, bad stretch slacks with dough boy guts hanging over their belts pretending they're tough really a thing in Maricopa County, Arizona? There are three places in the U.S. I used to loathe visiting on busines. Phoenix, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

If Arizona stays in this lane it will make Nevada, and Illinois, currently being governed by a fat whale of an Ashkenazim pig descendent of Kosher Nostra midget, A.N. Prizker, look ethical. Whale J.B. Pritzker, and his behemoth, ugly wife illegally ripped out the toilets in a mansion they were renovating so they could lower property taxes on it by declaring it uninhabitable. It's not reported if fat boy used gnunchakus or just sat on the toilets.

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"America is a song still being written."




"Some European bands dreaded touring the South and the Midwest, dismissing the regions as dull and unsophisticated.

But Bono says U2 grew to love those parts of the US, 'feeling the common decency of people who placed a high value on conservative themes like good manners and self-reliance, even though many held political views very different from our own.'"


~ John Blake, Writer/Reporter (CNN)

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{A Conrad sort-of-Man}

Ladies & Gentlemen...

Words Offered,

By The Living,

... ~ Tony Dunnell

ala Inspiring Quotes



Double n, Double l.

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Rest Of America,

I consider myself a Christian simply because I love Jesus & what he did (healing, etc.) & taught.

I let each find their way, religiously.

I believe most Good Christians are falsely accused of trying to convert others. I think they just like to share something they find Wonderful.

Other religions have their own special offerings too.

I've always believed in the separation of church/state & most C's do too.

However, at this Time, as America is CLEARLY being attacked from within/out, by golly, it feels like we need a shield of some sorts to meet this never-ending onslaught.

[They] have declared WAR.

And have zero notion of relent.

So if my shield has a cross on it, so be it. We need all the help we can muster. That's just my opinion.


Jon Rappoport wrote, when Our Country was in the gathering midst of LockDown, to Church People, to use Their Pulpit, to say: We will not surrender our Day of Worship, within our own particular sanctums.


Research Writer Heather MacDonald has Written about how the entire Western Canon & Our Founding, was Influenced by, Biblical Truths. She said it was undeniable & one couldn't strum thru the pages of A Great Work and not find some allusion, to Scripture & its moorings in fair play. (See C-SPAN Book Notes for 3 hour interview). I believe she stated she was an atheist.


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"The point is that Brnovich decided to crack wise to the WORLD while Arizona is burning down all around him."


One has nunchucks.

The other, a lyre (fiddle).


From A Fellow Colleague

Of Yours...

"Plantagenet, I will; and like thee, Nero, Play on the lute, beholding the towns burn."

~ William {Henry VI}

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Joss Woodhead...

& His Big Pictured Views

Of Big A Big Country,

& Deep-Sage-Forested-Satin,

Of Standing Trees.


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