Some information regarding Ukraine , Russia & UN, Zelensky

1. Putin is against The New World Order

2. Sept 21,2016- Putin banned Rothschilds and His New World Order Banking Cartel from Entering Russia.Territory

3. Rothschild has stated that Putin is standing in the way from New World Order to go through and must be defeated..

4. If You compare pictures of Putin- The Old Putin looks very different from The New Putin.

5. Listen to what Putin is saying and the laws he has put in place.

6. Russia is taking out the Khazarian Deep State Satanist’s and is destroying their underground Bio and cloning labs. Bakmut was the central hub for worldwide tunnel connections. Ukraine was the main hub for child sex trafficking , adrenochrome harvesting, corruption and money laundering.

Feb 2023 - Russia rescued 35K children from Ukraine Human Trafficking.

7. For more then a year the Media called Putin’s claims that Ukraine is riddled with Nazi’s a lie. The New York Times has admitted that it has been asking Ukraine soldiers to conceal their Nazi patches and tattoos.

8. The Deep State staged a Coup D’Etat in Ukraine.

Remember the picture with John McCain and Lindsay

Graham with Ukraine Soldiers.

9. Remember Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden & Joe Biden

10. Remember Trump’s first impeachment regarding Ukraine

11. Remember Putin handing Trump the football.

12. Remember when Trump stated he would drain the swamp.

13. NATO - Read Agenda 2021, 2030 & 2050. Read the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

14. Feb 16,2018 - Article- UN staff allegedly responsible for over 60,000 cases of sexual exploitation.

15: Zelensky- Do some research about him prior to 2019. He was an actor and comedian.

16. Compare the batches on the clothes he wears & Hitler.

17. Compare pictures of him and Soros. Are they related?

18. Research all the property he has purchased.

Connect The Dots

Someone stated who is funding all this? We are.

Have we been lied to by the MSM and Our Politicians?


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Thank you, Mr. Smith, for the formula for all law-abiding dads (and moms). Of course, there is no justice for your daughter or the other victim, who will have to suppress their urge to vomit and scream each and every time they enter a "girls room" at school. So when an incompetent school administrator sanitizes the violent act committed against your child and refuses to involve the appropriate authorities, you MUST "get your criminal on" and muster all the righteous anger within you, call the the idiot in charge a vile name (which hardly comes close to the evil they embody) and then THEY WILL call the police. At that moment you have the right to remain silent, but DO NOT. Make sure you let the officers know your valid complaint, and appropriate rage. Then go to the public hearing of the school board and let everyone there see the political persecution for themselves as you are dragged away again, shouting the truth. Then the citizen journalists carrying their phone cameras will let everyone (everywhere) know who is running their schools and what their agenda is. Hopefully, your governor will pardon you, and if he/she doesn't, his/her lack of action will be known by all. As the Badlanders say, "We are the news now ", and I will add, the ones standing for law and order. Prayers that Jesus heals the hearts and minds of those poor girls and the Holy Spirit moves in that young perpetrator's mind and heart, but, while he sits in juvenile detention somewhere, not as he is transferred from school to school. LORD, HELP US!!

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I have this funny feeling that I am being left in the dust of the whirlwind of revelations exploding all around us. And I don't care:) I am feeling quite comfy, thankyou, and as our Fearless Leader says, I will not comply. And I will keep spreading the Truth to any and all who will listen:) After church I asked a stranger to lunch who has just moved here from California. When I finally dared ask him if he is interested in politics, he bellowed out, "I LOVE TRUMP!" Not a stranger anymore:)

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The Father of the raped girl reacted as any parent would have. It would have been worse had it been me, much much worse. They treated this girl and her family like trash! This family was put through HELL. A Pardon can never undo that!

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Thanks, I am enjoying your Takes with my first cup of coffee. AHHHHHH...

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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These News Briefs are a wonderful service. Thanks to everyone at Badlands that produce them! n support, I have promoted Badlands Media and will promote ya'll in my videos once in awhile.

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Overton goalposts. Big tech in antitrust litigation in court. Surprise announcement of the corrupt FDA approving another round of kill shots to cull the herd. Our fearless tiger has been right about Putin and Ukraine from the beginning! 9-11 and Obama truths rising to the surface. Our God is good and I’m comfy.🙏🙏

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Re: Burning Bright on Google.

We do know that the x-million search results from Google - and most other search engines - provide about 4 pages of "results" before entering into a never-ending loop of the same results previously provided. Don't we?

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Re: Ashe on new vaxx. Something I don't understand.

The "pandemic emergency" was officially declared "over" by someone in the basement of the White House on May 11, 2023.

So how does the FDA explain how a NEW vaxx is approved and good-to-go, without an EUA, (which couldn't cover a NEW vaxx because the original "emergency" has been "officially" declared "over"?)

It's a puzzlement.

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Sep 12·edited Sep 12

I read somewhere (and even a google search confirms these statistics, give or take a few years) that since it’s birth as a Nation in 1776, we have been at war in one way or another for over 90% of that time.

Isn’t that a shocking thought!

In reference to NATO, a common question that is asked, ‘Why does NATO still exist after the fall of the Soviet Union?”

I am not well-educated in this debate but it leaves one wondering if NATO is actually about global security or about ensuring that the military-industrial complex keeps on thriving? NATO’s mission of “security” in the world is not the same as “peace” in the world. In fact, a constant focus on “security” implies a constant need for “battle readiness”. When the global consciousness is focused on constant war struggles, it isn’t thinking about Peace. The people of the world are weary of it.

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Ashe asks "Do we really need more evidence that global population reduction is the explicit goal of every established institution?" Judging by the increasing number of sleepers I see masking up again, that would be a big fat YUP! Apparently, these sleepers need to have more family and friends die "suddenly and unexpectedly" to wake up and finally see the light of day. On the other hand, culling the herd is not always a bad thing.

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It's getting to be Bad News in the Land everyday!! I see another Virginia gun protest of January 2020 in the making. I think it's time they show up at this Governors mansion to remind her how important this right is to the people, especially in todays society.

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Burning Bright - I was just listening to the song War Pigs by Black Sabbath this morning before reading your take. My question ALWAYS with these things: Who the F is paying for this? Add it up. The cost to run this exercise is in the Billions of Dollars. Or Euros or Pounds or Petrodollars or Dukats or Whatever. BILLIONS. Just for the purposes of Saber rattling. Pulling down their zippers to show the size of their cannons. Twice a year now.

It shows us exactly what the War Pigs are doing!

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As a dad of 3 daughters, I'm "all-in" with pushing back any and all trans-indoctrination and bogus trans-rights! Praises all around to assertive dads and astute governors always standing firm!

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I pray this attacker is getting his dish of hell every day behind bars.... No way this was his first two assaults on a girls. There must be many more victims that are being hidden.

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Whether R or D, Consider Signing This Voting Petition AGAINST THE MOVES OF THE DNC. Fair is Fair. CAMPAIGN TO VOTE ! MAKE IT STICK MAKE IT COUNT. (Also, HealthWise don't stuff your gullet until your humongous head near explodes). That noggin' would wipe out a freakin' feather. "I mean come on man !" ~ JB https://www.kennedy24.com/dnc-destroying-democracy?

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