The sooner people realize the climate has been changing constantly long before most of these lunatics were born. And if they really wanted to cut down on CO2 all they have to do is plant millions of trees. Instead these nuts lead by Bill Gates have been removing millions of trees. So if you believe even one word that comes from their lips I would suggest therapy.

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Thanks for all your work to bring us your Takes this morning.

Here are my Takes:

1) Get Right With God.

2) Legislators at all levels should DO NOTHING. This would be a great 1st step. Nothing all these Rat Bastards attempt are things we actually need. If they want to take any action to help We the People start eliminating the bullshit legislation that is already "on the books".

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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I’m wondering if my avatar has arthritis…

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Biden not going to Ohio is the biggest embarrassment for the people of this country. Why is Zelensky still making headlines, omg I hate that guy, he's also embarrassing 🤦‍♀️. Love the plant trees comments as I just read an article on the Gateway Pundit that quietly stated we lowered emissions by 17% due to newly planted trees 🌳 let's bring back common sense.

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Regarding East Palestine….Ohio’s RINO Governor is knee deep in this tragedy! He toasted with other officials that the water was safe and did it mockingly for their photo op! What an insult to the residents of E. Palestine! Plus an EPA document proved the so called “controlled burn,” which was really UNCONTROLLED and contaminated many regions was NEVER permitted under EPA guidelines. Numerous experts weighed in on that as well and confirmed everyone’s fears!!! Talk about a cover up! We are about 60 miles west and have followed it closely. The wind direction spewed the dioxins into other states and Canada because of their extreme negligence! Yet you don’t hear about this aspect!

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Many thanks for the Takes and the research and work that is evidenced in them!

In the "whack-a-mole" reality that is the persistent introduction (and sudden submersion and then reintroduction) of the enemies of Truth - the "moles" are marched forward just long enough for those wanting justice (in the Greek = the self-evident, appropriate behavior) to take steady aim and strike (or at least attempt to), only to have them disappear (McConnell) - replaced by _____ (fill in the name of my or your current, favorite villain). Ever so often, the "mole" stays visible just long enough to get outed for what they are - though even then, they may be back (you can guess of whom I speak).

This is not me "black-pilling" - but reminding us all that the true strategist of this conflict (the "man" behind the current - so to speak) could not care less about how many "moles" we whack and in fact ensures that we "win" just often enough to continue spending our energy and spinning our wheels in the "game." Ours is a battle (a real battle, both actual and spiritual - because God made us that way) between "good and evil" - but so say they as well! We need to have someone outside of the game set the "rules" - defining what Truly is Good and what is not...oh, wait!!!

We have been told that "the road to hell is paved with good intention" (or some facsimile thereof) for nearly 3000 years - we have also been told that "we will know them (and their intentions) by their fruits (the outcomes of their efforts)." All well and good - but what is essential in all of those axioms is Truth!

Many in this community are familiar with Paul's inspired words scribed for the Ephesians - in what we refer to as chapter 6 of that letter - which describe our defensive and offensive weapons in our True battle. On offense we have the Word of God (our broadsword of the Spirit). Many quotes from the passage stop there (our verse 17). If we do, we miss our other offensive weapon: All prayer in the Spirit, at all times for all saints, with all perseverance. Today I am going on offense!

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Wow! Here we go again. The border bill is a huge debacle and exists for just one reason. The 2020 election was stolen. But the ramification doesn’t stop with the President. We actually have five senators wearing Democrat lapel pins who also lost to republicans…and there may be even more.

The same cheating brought us two Senators in Georgia and again in the 2022 election. Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan all stole the seats from Republicans. So, instead of controlling the border and not even needing any new bill, we are screwing around with useless political games that are made up due to past fraud.

This is why I keep saying the truth must be exposed immediately. The ramifications of the steal are just too painful for America. The facts are well known and easily probable but nothing happens. Not a single Republican in the Senate or the House ever says anything about the 2020 election fraud. I think that is criminal. Once the facts are known the public is going to be more pissed at the Republicans than the cheaters because the masses will understand the cheating but not the cover-up by Republicans! Trump brings it up at every rally and the rest of Washington is silent. Surely the politicians know they are going to be voted out for putting America through all of this silliness. The craziness must come to an end so America can get back to making ourselves great. No bill is the correct bill because we already have everything the President needs to stop illegal immigration. Sometimes less is more.

Jim Schout

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"a lot of winning happening"

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On the subject of the Fed I have one thought that seems to be lost in the discussion. That is, Inflation is always cumulative. Whether high or low, it is always cumulative. The only counter is deflation or increased productivity. But the Fed hates deflation and will do anything to stop it. As they said some years ago there is a simple solution to deflation, just print more money! So, we can see what the Fed is good at…printing money, or actually creating the justification for the Treasury to print money.

So, here is the real deal with the Fed. They created the inflation boom funding crazy spending for the greenies and it is now their job to make it end, but the end result will be a 20% devaluation of the dollar. It is going to cost 20% more to buy everything. In other words they just picked our pocket legally for 20 cents of every dollar we own.

The forth quarter CPI was up 3.4% which Biden touted as a great thing and the media applauded. But, if inflation was up 3.7% how could the CPI not be up accordingly? Business will increase prices to reflect their labor and goods pricing which is inflation at work, but those increased prices help to maintain a profit which is the one thing that makes business worth doing. So, what does Biden do? He calls business greedy! The stupid liar-in-chief spins everything in the reverse of reality, but he continues to get away with it.

Isn’t it time to just prove the 2020 election was stolen? This mess needs to end.

Jim Schout

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Ashe nails the so-called border bill, that in reality is what we see at the border now, but on steroids! “All enemies, foreign and domestic.

Do those words still hold meaning? They do to me. America First.” Uniparty anti-US Schumer & McConnell: how do you spell treason?

Our Fearless Tiger certainly gets to the core as the narratives swirl all around us, but it’s normally only with hindsight do we see the intent…even at the 40K ft level! And, it IS the intent that matters as that’s what leads to the ‘intended’ results. (It’s good to remember that the Fed is the fascists’ central bank of control; and it was moved under the Treasury during Trump’s presidency…..)

The cabal’s ultimate goal is to massively depopulate and turn the survivors into easily controlled cyborgs…. Simon notes, “We are conditioned by technology, gadget by gadget, upgrade by upgrade, away from the power and presence of the body towards avatars.” Avatar is a politically correct word for cyborg! Everything created for good will be used for evil until the evil one’s time is at an end.

Welcome GhostofBasedPatrickHenry! The timing of announcing the breach of the military industrial complex’s hold on manufacturing is very interesting, as Blinken is apparently in Saudi Arabia now…. Decentralizing is the key as BB states, “…but the strength of said mesh will be through free, fair and open trade agreements that will benefit the industries, power projection and populations of all states in the alliance.” Yes, indeed.

Everything is moving toward decentralized trade and as BB predicted, this year is about convergence. The fascists in the City of London, Vatican and D.C., are panicking. Hence the more and more obvious push to cover up their planned reset with war; why else leave military assets in preparation for a war with China over Taiwan? War helps with their depopulation agenda and they’re panicking as the entire world is awakening past the point of their control. Suicide weekend will help with depopulation, too… but depopulation of the evil one’s puppets.

Ashe has the last word, “Remind me again why we pay these people and let them anywhere near the seats of power?” Actually, Ashe, they were foisted upon us.😡

God bless the Badlands patriots.🙏🙏

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“After French farmers stepped up protests earlier in the week, the government promised on Thursday to extend protections - including better controlling imports and giving farmers additional aid, Reuters reports.,”

The US and Canadian guvmints, anticipating these types of mass potential protests, have sought to end-run it by the imprisonment of J6 and (Canadian) Coutts 4 protestors, invoking emergency acts, freezing protestor bank accounts, recently imprisoning 6 American pro-lifers for 10 yrs (including a father of 11) for sitting in front of an abortion clinic. The charge was federal felony. Yet NY policemen are kicked and beaten by illegals - who are then released.

The signals are evident. Chip, chip, chip - evoking fear.

Deeply compromised scallywags rule us on all levels. The response needed: Yes, we must speak out, write, and peacefully protest, but the only response desperately needed is the real power of repentance from our personal sins. How may we sing, “God bless America” and “God keep our land glorious and free,” expecting God to hear our prayers, when we avoid turning from sins? It is like presenting a cup full of mud expecting it to be filled with fresh, cold water. “God keeps his covenant of mercy with his servants who are faithful to him with their whole hearts” (1 Kings 8:23).

Who will stand up, preach powerfully, and call us to this?

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Yay, take the win

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I look forward to my Badlands Media email each morning. they are always spot on and very informative. The Senate is a disaster. The election process since the adoption of the Seventeenth Amendment has succeeded in making the Senators ponens to politics. The founding fathers never intended it to be that way. Take a look at the original Article One, Section 3. If a state Legisature majority is Republican, then they would choose a Republican to be that States Senator. Since the State Legisature is elected by the people then the chosen Senator would reflect the will of the People. There would be no reason to have Senatorial Elections which can and have been tainted by election fraud or other means. Good example is the Georgia Senatorial Elections where runoffs were required, and the winner was elected by a razor thin margin. Now look at the ability of Congress to Impeach anyone. The Senate since it's Democrat it will never Impeach a Democrat President if charged. My take is to REPEAL THE SEVENTEENTH AMENDMENT. This would put the Senate back into the hands of the PEOPLE....

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Simon: “ seek the truth using the philosophy of empiricism. That is to say, your body is the ultimate truth seeking tool, not your mind floating in cyberspace”?

“The opposite of empiricism is rationalism. Rationalism is the philosophical school of thought that truth and knowledge are found through the faculties of reason and logic.”

Empiricism brings feelings to the forefront in determining reality…which is how our progressive liberal U.S. educational system has dumbed down our students.

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All the US officials, the mayor of NY etc.housing and for aiding and abetting the invaders. Giving them thousands of dollars. Is there any hope they can be tried for treason? The numbers of these people who are flodding in is of greatest concern.

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The BRICS seek to establish a central currency to trade with. I don’t believe their goals are any more benevolent than those of the NATO/UN/WEF globalists. The key to freedom and independence is and always will be de-centralization.

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