Does the Bible mention Aliens? Biden is almost inconsequential, the USPS is a tool used by commies and Elon Musk is a mini DJT. We r winning!🙂

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‘They can run but they can’t hide.’ No one has been able to truly hide for a long time, but it is gratifying to see Elon’s moves for free speech on the world stage.

Nazis? Really? Finally it rises to the MSM view, and when I read this, I am thankful for all BB taught us in his earlier posts.👍👍 Thanks, fearless tiger!

Waiting for the shoe to drop on the other huge child trafficking country: Taiwan.

My earlier research on DoD bio labs after Clandestine’s post re: Ukraine. I remember approximately 250 around the world. Wonder which ones are tasked with the next plandemic?

It is difficult to consider that there wouldn’t be other life in the universe, given it’s size can’t accurately be grasped by the human mind; however, the earth is in a very unique sweet spot not replicated in the area of the universe we know. I’ve said for 30 years the way to implement a totalitarian world government is to stage an alien invasion from outer space and, knowing a bit more now, consider that was the purpose of War of the Worlds. The cabal must get our approval (or at least acquiesce) and my Mom stated the original War of the Worlds was played on the radio; it caused massive fear until it was finally relayed it was a story.

Burning Bright, Ashe, Justin, and all the other diggers and truth writers here; God bless each of you and thank you.🙏

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Thanks for the briefs today. It continues to prove that every word the MSM prints is a lie!

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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re UFOS, agree with Justin that's it's just a convenient story to cover Wray's and DOJ corruption about Biden. IMHO the fake "alien invasion" PsyOp is the globalists last card to hold onto power, if their medico-fascist surveillance state idea doesn't pan out (which it won't). Apparently holographic projection technology exists that can remotely place visuals (in this case, "UFOs") in the sky. This would be desperation time for these sociopaths, but I don't doubt they will do anything to maintain their control.

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BB, I do not know how to DM you or Just Human, but can you two and Jon look into the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act? Obama passed in 2013. He revised the original. Thank you! Keep up the good work☺️

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Enjoy and trust ‘Badlands’ excellent writers…but to me, demanding debates is as over as the voting process. Biden’s age or blunders have no weight: he is a treasonous criminal.

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They will never allow Brandon to debate because even if Ds think RFK is a loon on the vax, he would destroy Brandon within five minutes.

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“Third, globalists have long sought to dethrone theism and religious power structures, to achieve their long lasting NWO.”

Haven’t they already convinced most “civilized” people that the earth is a spinning ball which came into being magically billions of years ago?

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Alex; On the UFO board I'll take the Wernher von Braun future false flag prediction for $100.00.

On the Nazi vs Russian conflict in Ukraine, I'll take the does Russia win again question for $100.00.

In the America's Oldest President category, I'll take the "Is he senile for $100.00.

I'll take the Is the EU afraid of Twitter's leaving the disinformation code for $100.00.

And lastly, Is the contract Driver telling the truth about transport of fraudulent ballots in the 2020 election for $100.00.

Alex, my answers in order of the questions chosen are: Von Braun's false flag prediction is correct. Russia wins handily, again. I'll go with senile as the condition of America's Oldest President. The EU is scared spit less of Twitter leaving the disinformation code and the Contract Driver is telling the truth about the fraudulent 2020 ballots.

My $500.00 winnings are to be sent to the organization of my choice who is combating the insane idea of allowing Drag Queen shows in front of young children!

Thanks, Alex, I enjoyed playing on your show today!

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Aliens! If someone WANTS to believe, now is their chance:) But the source of the stories and the timing is Beyond suspicious. Our intuition at this point says, "Oh, looks like the whole alien thing has been another big lie all along." Funny how everything they do and say backfires.

Meanwhile, back to the Bible: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and THE Earth." One big chunk of matter, as yet unformed and unenergized, and the heavens, the empty pallet that He would not fill until Day 4!

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Can we pls call him the actor (Braden) playing Joe B? Biden was executed 3 yrs ago. TY Madison Marquette for testifying against the pedo pervert! U R my hero! White Hats are doing glacial drip drips of truth across all sectors for normies. EU/Twitter ... idiot Nazi tyrant Zelensky ... UFO reveal ... Personally I could NEVER be so patient. Get ready for multiple simultaneous Biblical FFs. Hoover Dam Project Bluebeam, anybody? Big Bad Bear gets Pissed! Is NK getting activated now? GCR is coming to a Planet near U. So normies must be distracted while US fiat goes bye-bye. R U prepared? Did U pick up GOD's winning Powerball ticket?

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"We Are Not Alone": US Has Retrieved Craft Of 'Non-Human Origin' Says Whistleblower From Govt. Task Force On UFOs. The whistleblower, 36-year-old David Charles Grusch, is a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan who went on to work at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Ageny (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) - where he served as the latter's representative to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force from 2019-2021. Then from late 2021 to July 2022, he was the NGA’s co-lead for UAP analysis and its representative to the task force, which was established to investigate UFOs - which are now officially called "unidentified anomalous phenomena," or UAP.

Even if we stand neutral on this concept of non human UAPs, there is much to already ask about. I studied both vacuum tube technology and solid state technology in the USAF. These tow technology are a huge paradyne shift and dynamically opposed to each other. One (the tube) has to deal with high power plate voltage, grids and cathodes in an analog format. and has since Marconi made the first radio. Then comes germanium and silicon material that creates NPN and PNP transistor technology in digital state.

These two states are not totally compatible in any schematic I have ever seen. Ten percent readings are close to perfect as can be expected in analog tube technology. Digital technology allows for 0.01% accuracy and is the reason analog has been left in the dust. Not only are each of these technologies extremely different; there is no reasoning explaining the evolution of starting with Marconi's vacuum tubes and advancing to solid state.

My thought has always been this: the major crash heard around the World was not the stock market in 1929 but the "Flying Saucer" in July 4th, 1947. Could this have been a German Project brought to the USA in Operation Paper Clip? YES, it could have been except I see not evidence that the Roswell Incident was of German origin.

Now look at what history tells us. First the crash did not occur July 08, 1947. That is the date the Army Air Corp announced to the public through the Roswell Newspaper that a "Flying Saucer" crashed. It had crashed the night of Juy 4th in 1947 on Mac Brazwell Ranch. It took Mac that long to get the sheriff to respond. The sheriff said to Mac, "It sounds like this matter is a ACC Army Air Corp issue not an investigation for the local sheriff."

So Mac went to the AAC at Walker field in Roswell, NM and inquired as to a missing aircraft. They denied any planes were missing and to be sure Major Marcel was to follow Mac to the crash sight. That was on the 7th that Maj. Marcel arrived back home with pieces of the crash that he could carry. July 08, the paper was informed and the area was quarantined off. There was also another crash sight. This site was NE where Mac's Ranch was NW of Roswell. These two craft either had a midair or the smaller was leaving the larger UFO (UAP) body. There were EBEs (Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities) that were dead as well as alive. The personnel ordered children size caskets for for the dead from the local Funeral Home - they were never paid for these caskets from what I understand.

Call the above hearsay if you like. That makes me think on this as no different if it is true or propaganda. However, the Air Corp under orders from General Ramey at Carswell tried to say this was a weather balloon that crashed. Who ever heard of a weather balloon crashing and leaving a debris field 100 meters by 300 meters - that is a little larger than a football field. I like investing in property, but I would invest in land in Florida over that NW or NE of Roswell, NM. I cannot buy Gen Ramey's BS. He had to have been ordered by higher ups in the Pentagon to squash this story about Saucers and make it into a weather balloon. Otherwise none of this would have credence. Surprisingly, the public bought the lie in July,1947.

I think what happened is like what was explained in Major Corso's book. He happened on the big chuncks of saucer debris in Kansas on an overnight stay before the convoy continued on the Wright Field AAC. The dead EBEs were shipped on to Bethesda and Walter Reed for examinations by each. Later the Major was reassigned to the Pentagon where his immediate command had the major take some of the debris to the proper industrial complex for reverse engineering.

But even before the reverse engineering by Maj. Corso and the Pentagon, AT&T Bell Labs reversed engineered a small device within the electronics of the saucer starting sometime in July/August time frame. Dr Schockley and his team finally made success December 24, 1947 close to midnight. Can you imagine that team being away from their families of Christmas Eve? That is what was reported by Bell Labs. They had taken Germanium and produced the World's first transistor not by evolution of vacuum tubes but by reverse engineering of something so unfamiliar. The device was one transistor over one foot in length but it crudely work well enough to copyright and patent the process. They sold the technology to Texas Instruments, a startup company in Richardson, TX. The rest was history. Fiber optics from the crash was adapted for networks within companies and outside of premises to the same company and later expanded to different companies. I little startup in Silicon Valley made switches and routers to complete an Inernet for the government. And here we are today with Lasers, switches, routers that work at 40 gigabits per second using around 200 different colored lambda of light from coast to coast. I think TI (TX Instruments) started in 1951, just a guess as with Cisco starting in the 80's approximately in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley), CA.

Also, in August of 1947, the government initiated the National Security Commission later called the NSA; the Central Intelligence Agency and broke the Army Air Corp off into a military branch of its own called the United States Air Force. If a saucer did not crash then why the urgency of pushing all these changes through so fast in the last months of 1947. Why the Bell Labs reverse engineering completed before 1948 came along? How did we come up with using silicon and germanium for transistors? We already had large computers working on vacuum tubes. They were highly unreliable with so much heat they generated that the tubes continued to fade from the once glorious state.. The Air Conditioning (HAVC) units were so big they were unreasonable. Many drawbacks were experienced with the first computers that were crude compared to today's computing speed and power.

I'm thinking with the adoption of AI to what has already been accomplished, we as a human species are at our infancy in using computing power to its fullest. I hope we keep this technology in the doing good for others and not go by the way of the bad as has happened to most everything else. Seems on most things , we start with the good and then weaponize most every thing we can.

I'm a Conservative Christian Patriot of the United States of America. It was not an easy task for me or thing to do to reach this understanding about saucers. But it is the only thing that seems to make sense unless the Germans had obtained this technology first and this is all a ruse to the sixth dimension.

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thanks again BB and Badland Badass citizen journalists

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Follow me on this, as a Christian we’ve been taught throughout history there will be a “rapture” of souls leaving behind those that didn’t have enough faith to believe. So let’s say several million if not billions of people vanish in the wink of an eye as the Bible states releasing havoc & chaos over the land. This ushers in the antichrist to reveal himself to explain away what happen & bring peace. Isn’t an “alien” invasion a perfect explanation for this? The NWO knows there will have to be clarification as to what happened in order to push their agenda into those remaining & I’ve always thought this would be the perfect scenario for them. Great article btw.

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Net Zero Green Taxes to Increase Grocery Prices by £4 Billion Per Year



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"For those who 'want to believe' - short of a UFO landing on the lawn of the White House, this is it."




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