Trump To Young Americans: ‘Choose Fascism Or Freedom’ I really don't have much hope for the current generation or for the future generations either, if what we are seeing now with transgenderism, men wanting to be women, women wanting to be men, men having periods, giving birth and nursing babies, gays and trans dancing in the streets naked in front of children and their PARENTS!!! OMG!!! I think I have lived way too long!!!

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I’m very confident it is actually only a very small percentage of the population, extremely small! God has this and has prepared warriors for this narrative war. There will be youth He’s prepared, too.🙏🙏

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Tiny fraction but extremely loud for demoralizing people and getting us angry at absurd ideas that need a very good spanking. Starting with men competing with woman, chest feeding please, snowflakes melt fast, all these insults too will pass.

Transgender activist like antifa blm will face the light of day soon.

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I’d expect there’s a lot of infiltration that’s happened.👍

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I’ve read that this strategy was deployed by the Nazis and pol pot on their culture wars to go extreme. Sodom and Gamora

Turn to ash.

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It is small and a big part regrets that they transitioned. I just wish that they would learn some basic facts like how many dimes in a dollar.

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Really, I used to have that video, I'll try to remember a couple of other ones. Which countries border the US? You're driving 60m.p.h. after an hour how far have you gone? This one had me on the floor laughing they 'feel' Gen. Eisenhower served in the civil war.

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My guess is that most young Americans don’t even know what fascism is. 🤦‍♀️

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I've read alot about the Bob Iger fiasco because Nelson Peltz has tried to intervene to restore Disney. What I have read in different accounts is that during flush times, Iger funneled huge $ to Jeffrey Katzenberg and George Lucas, among others. There are hints of huge money laundering going on. Then with Disney taking on ESPN and other ventures, they spread themselves too thin. There is a hint that they were involved with the FTX scam. It seems they used the lure of Disney parks, which commanded premium prices, to funnel money around. Now the Parks are priced out of reach of the stressed public. And all the pedophilia is emerging. So now we see a convergence of factors that may lead to a downfall. We see hotel construction stopped, rides not being maintained, empty parks.

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When failure is the driving factor, as in Credit Suisse’s collapse, how is trust the primary issue?? Wouldn’t it be better characterized as CYA with so much underlying corruption?? The world deserves to know who did what, especially with the track record of this enterprise at hand. Pfizer wanted their records sealed for 55 years, right??? And we now know exactly why. How could this be any different. Open those records for the world to see. After all, how much did tax payers “contribute” to the resurrection take place???

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Carl Marx was the idiot, albeit brilliant, who ‘created communism’ and had never worked a single day of his entire life, depending upon friends to support himself and his family. Barely. Yet, all this time later, the globalists are still trying to implement it to control the purposely dumbed down world population.

“Communism is a self-immolating philosophy that relies on taking from others and tearing down rather than building anew,....”

Justin is absolutely correct! “Banks are in the business of trust, fundamentally.” We the people, primarily those who we’re invested with that bank (and aren’t part of the wealthy money laundering scheme) need to DEMAND immediate declassification of the report!

Trump is right that not only the older adults need to decide for freedom, but the youth and young adults MUST decide for freedom themselves. Thank God for gifting and preparing Charlie Kirk for his part in this war.

JP Morgan bank. JP Morgan chose Edison over Tesla to side with huge profits over free energy for the world. What goes around comes around, me thinks?🤔

A trillion dollars in interest payments....not much longer to the collapse and there’s a timely uptick in emergency food supply ads....

Initially, DeSantis was a bit of a surprise I’ll admit.

Biden’s so-called administration has taken credit for any positive outcomes that were done in Trump’s administration...again.

God bless these truthers! They are much needed and very much appreciated!🙏

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Hollywood goes Bud Light, too bad.

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Jul 18, 2023·edited Jul 18, 2023

Good riddance. Bud Light was a piss-poor beer, and Hollywood made piss-poor movies.

I believe that it is too late for both of them, thanks be to God. The future is local breweries and independent film production. And this is just the beginning of the tsunami of old-school industries being torn down and 'Built Back Better' -- for real.

"Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky... all we are is dust in the wind... everything is dust in the wind"

-- Kerry Livgren, "Dust In the Wind," Point Of Know Return (Kansas), 1977

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Wholeheartedly agree!! Good Riddance.

Actually what appears to be actually happening is just what you said: old

Dinosaurs that have been entrenched

In culture now are being put out to pasture. Bud light crossed their own

Customers. Hollywood is pedophile woke corruption that has been thrusting down our throats crap and sequels.

In my readings of the Aquarian age

Everything becomes less dictated by mega stores brands becomes more

Independent more grass roots.

Big picture view. Is happening.

Nordstrom leaving SF?

We are watching the transitions

And good things to come.

First the storm

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Yep, Wild Bill.

And, hopefully too: big Ag, Big Chem, Big Ed & Big Pharm/Med.

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thank you BB and Badlands Fam....I had missed the Credit Suisse story somehow.....

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One source about what's going on in Ukraine:

Intel Slava Z (telegram)

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Regarding "JPMorgan Should Pay $190 Million Over Epstein Ties, US Virgin Islands Says..."

An interesting side note to this story, in that JPM filed an appeal to "the settlement" that not only limits time for the trafficked victims to decide to be/not be part of the class, but effectively prohibits any further suits against JPM for underwriting Epstein. (And let's not forget they also underwrote Madoff's Ponzi scheme.)

JPM attorneys said they would only move forward with the settlement IF the judge approved the appeal. Period. (A cunning move to curtail any further penalty--"we'll settle if you agree with us to stop the penalty payments.") Typically, this part was ignored by most of the MSM--and was not part of this report. You can read more about it here:


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Justin hits it out of the park…again.

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Can't get behind that notion.

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