In 5th grade (1964), my teacher, who taught us how to think, (God bless, Mr. W) had us ponder this: if this expression "human race" is correct,...then how can there be more than one race? That's why I often click "Other" and write in "human". I prefer the expression "people groups" but people can define people groups however they want. Some people groups look different on the outside from other people groups. Fact. But, if they are members of the human race, they all possess human DNA on the inside. This makes us all the same in God's eyes- Desperately Needing Atonement. That Atonement is the blood of the Savior, Jesus. That Atonement is free for the asking, admitting our Desperate Need, and wanting to be reconciled to Our loving and merciful Heavenly Father, the Creator. Happy Easter!‭

Hebrews 4:16 ESV‬

[16] Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.


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Amen! Love the DNA = Desperately Needing Atonement. Yes, the blood of Jesus, the finished work of Jesus on the cross, His death and resurrection (the gospel) is the ONLY hope for all mankind.

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With regard to the way the U.S. is going to categorize people by race and ethnicity, visual’s immediately came to mind from oh, so many futuristic, sci-fi shows and movies we’ve seen (I.e. Star Trek) where you’ve got all manner of Earth ethnicities represented (let’s leave out the Vulcans and the Klingons for a moment), yet their ethnicities are never an issue with regard to character, performance or anything else - they’re simply human. I’m fully aware of the woke garbage that also creeps into these shows, but on this one point, I agree. Why do we need to categorize any American citizen at all by ethnicity? Yes, yes, I know - control. But I would regard that as an illegitimate reason. The question simply needs to be removed altogether - and not just from a census, but from all job and academic applications. Fuggetaboutit. We’re human, period. All descended from a brown-skinned couple named Adam and Havah - as the DNA evidence has shown. It’s enough.

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Havah? Is that Eve in Hebrew or something?

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Havah is her name. Eve is the anglicized version. Ever heard the traditional Hebrew song ‘Havah nagilah?’ It’s a song that celebrates life, and ‘havah’ is Hebrew for life. ‘Adam’ is the Hebrew for soil or dust, because the first man was made from dust. He named his wife Havah because she would be the mother of all living. I don’t know why Havah’s name got anglicized; it seems like a simple enough name to me.

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I'm not gonna lie... this Disney stuff excites the hell outta me! And as a Michigander...I LOVE the RNC going after SOS Benson!!!! The Witches of Eastwick in MI need to go. Funny thing...I wrote Governor Whitmer over her ridiculous t-shirt "that woman from Michigan " that she blatantly wore while taunting Trump...I politely advised her I expect better from an elected official that represents me, and I got a letter claiming I wasn't eligible for unemployment and I had to pay it back. I only made 2 payments and a class action lawsuit was won and I didn't have to repay it. That was my slapdown from the establishment!🙄

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Burning Bright’s comments about the year of convergence are certainly applicable today, as are the obvious boomerangs.

The cabal is not kind to the minions when it’s determined they are no longer needed to further the agenda. Enter Sam Bankman-Fried as the money laundering agenda is exposed and then turning on Disney’s Bob Iger is ‘thrown to the wolves’ as the Marxist pillars are destroying the formerly good reputation. Apparently, Disney’ child programming and abuse ‘thread’ will eventually lead to more prominent parts of the ‘web’ that ties all of the criminal organization together. The entertainment world isn’t doing so well…

Speaking of criminal organizations, AOC’s so-called ignorance of RICO apparently was the lead-in to what Ashe accurately refers to, “We are getting a master class in RICO with this Fani Willis case down in Georgia, and I have a feeling it's going to be very useful in the future.” The various election-related entertainment continues.🍿🍿

Just Human’s comment about FTX and Bankman-Fried’s facing justice is pertinent to what many of us believed, “However, I remember the days when people moaned that nothing would happen to him at all, that FTX, Sam, and the other execs would all get away with this.

I never believed that and indeed, they did not get away with this.” Yes, boomerangs are the news.

Interesting that the government changes the categories of ethnicity. Why? Because they have to set this criteria up to provide future favoritism for the illegal aliens invading the country, once they unconstitutionally declare them citizens….expected and I can’t wait for the countermeasures….

Watch for signs in the sky….hmm… another interesting tie to the April 8 eclipse. CERN, silent and inactive for a couple of years, is joining the eclipse show? Very interesting…🧐

The indeed. The various threads of the cabal’s criminal enterprise are beings pulled, exposing and waking up more people.

God bless the truth and all who He’s gifted for this war….as we remember His Son’s sacrifice for His own.🙏🙏

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Re. categories of ethnicity: You can't divide a people against themselves, unless you first define criteria by which they can be divided. Even if said people were not really aware of those criteria, and may not agree with them.

Remember that [their] first goal is to keep us divided and attacking each other, lest we turn on them. According to recent polling, it is not working; the people supporting Trump vs. Biden increasingly are becoming mirrored across all races and ethnicities. Even the black vote, which used to split 90/10 in favor of the dems, is now around 75/25 and moving away from the dems with each new poll.

And yes, as we celebrate Holy Week, let us remember the miracle of our faith: Christ died; Christ arose; and Christ will come again. Or as a lay pastor in a church we attended up in BC once said, "Buddah is dead. Muhammad is dead. Jesus lives." ✝🕊🙏

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Yes, He lives! God wins this ancient war. He’s gifted many to accomplish His will on earth.🙏🕊️🙏

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✝️ Amen to that!!

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Wonderful comment altogether, ALtab.

Regarding CERN back in the news after a couple years and the timing with the eclipse is, as you say, interesting. The Angels and Demons movie provides a curious angle with the antimatter, the Vatican, the Illuminati.

CERN’s accelerator collider is named Alice…curious.

Easter Blessings ❤️🙏🕊

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Yes, I have the book and the movie….good time to watch it again as it certainly has interesting elements that might be very similar…. God’s blessing to you at Easter.🙏🕊️

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This link is a good dive into CERN


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I’ve read a lot about CERN over the years, but hadn’t read this one. Now it is a lot more interesting they would coincide tests (after a couple of years without testing) with the eclipse. We’ve been told to look to the skies…. This isn’t a coincidence. Thanks, Feather!

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Prosecutor Donald Wakeford‘s accusations are outrageous, clearly pandering to the criminal Left.

Lately, the lies coming from the MSM and the Left are becoming so blatantly outrageous that I sometimes wonder if the narrative intent is itself an incitement to a level of discord just hoping to get a rise of increasing intensity from the Constitutional loving, Trump supporting Patriots.

Will we ever learn how many on the Left’s political/justice stage are blackmailed (through terrible sex magic traps perhaps?) into behaving so very badly?

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Good question, Feather!🙏🕊️❤️

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“It’s not just that they were false. It’s not that the defendant has been hauled into a courtroom because the prosecution doesn’t like what he said."

Got a coffee snort out of this. How straight was this guy's face when he uttered this dribble?

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This is what our tax money is wasted on in the courts of America! A Witch-hunt!!

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What is with all the reports of toxic kids' food? Or Bio-engineered food?

5 Petroleum-Based Snacks That Cause Severe ADHD, Nervous System, Blood, and Kidney Damage


Testing of Popular Kid’s Cereal Reveals It’s Loaded With Toxic Chemicals and Heavy Metals


Warning: The World’s First GMO Bananas are Approved for Export to the U.S



The “highly toxic agricultural chemical” is federally allowed to be used on oats and other grains imported to the US, according to the EWG.

Krogers is practically giving it away, buy 2, get 3 free.

80% of Americans test positive for chemicals found in Cheerios, and Quaker Oats that may cause infertility and delayed puberty.


We got Food Poisoning from the coating Peelz from a rare boight orange for baking.

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The Side of Trump the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to See | Patriotic Viral News


Revealed: Pharma finances 60% of experts deciding which mental disorders qualify for insurance | Frontline News

Millions of dollars handed out to contributors to DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)


US tuberculosis cases were at the highest level in a decade in 2023


Government Paying Illegal Aliens MORE than U.S. Servicemembers

In Biden’s sick and twisted version of America, Illegal alien families receive MORE government money than the families of military servicemembers who have put their lives on the line to protect this country!

This Democrat policy of prioritizing illegals over American citizens rewards immigrants families with more than $1,400 per month in New York City – 7 times higher than the average military family receives!


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re SBF: In my opinion this case is less about the corrupt Fried than it is about crypto. The govt needs to squash those pesky investors in crypto funds because it interferes with the Federal Reserve's push to create Central Bank Digital Currencies and complete control of every single bank account and investment account. Those nasty blockchains make it too hard for the regime to implement their control on every aspect of our society. Govt prosecutors punked Fried despite the fact that he was a major contributor to the DNC, which has, along with the Clinton Foundation, been running corrupt ops for over two decades. Apparently, even Hillary wasn't powerful enough to prevent SBF's incarceration.

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Sam is a perfect example of the type of psychopath American Hypnotist describes in his recent Werewolf series. (The judge is right about his future potential for mayhem.)

That said, I agree with you in the fact that it is about bigger fish. He was sacrificed by the bigger parasites. He is too young to have that much power. He is more a 'useful idiot'.

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Agree. He was also run by his radical left-wing parents. Kinda sad.

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I do not know much about crypto , anyone here know anything about it?

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DEI means "no white people" and that IS racist.

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Great read!

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Baltimore mayor is a sissy and is a good example of the results of cheating and stealing in an election.

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