Every day is like Christmas! We keep winning... but I am NOT tired yet!

The most amazing take today was Just Human's with Q Drop #697. Mind Blown!

"Panic in DC.

Leverage depleted - POTUS freed.

EXTREME chatter.

Q" And hit this to the DAY Feb 8... AMAZING!!!

P.S. I don't believe polls. Things like "Women" don't support Trump are just cover for steeling and then lying about how it was not stolen. A very old (and tired) trick.

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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Feb 9·edited Feb 9

One can only hope and pray that the still half-asleep normies tuned in to the Putin interview. If they paid attention it will open the door - perhaps the floodgates - of the questions all Americans should be asking…foremost being, What the hell has our government leadership been doing in the name of our country around the world and especially in the last several decades?!

I loved it when Putin said: “In the world of propaganda it is very difficult to defeat the United States because the US controls all the world’s media and many European media…the ultimate beneficiary are American financial institutions.”

Exactly right, BB, the current war in Ukraine started in 2014, under the Obama-as-puppet reign to the global cabal. Putin’s goal: the DE-NATZIFICATION, to stop the Nazi mindset from spreading along Russia’s borders. “Very important issue”

Tucker kindof came off as uneducated about the region (perhaps by intent? knowing that many Americans are woefully uneducated about the war in Ukraine?).

Tucker: But Hitler’s been dead for 80 yrs.

Putin: The current President of the Ukrainian Parliament speaking in Canada, praises Hitler as an example that lives on and gets a standing ovation!

There is so much to this interview! Putin calmly educating the world on NATO expansion, and the coup in Kiev in 2014; US political leadership using the US dollar as a tool of fostering struggles around the world; the CIA shadow everywhere, instigating military conflict and provocation; Germany defaulting on their own national interests to please the collective West….

God Bless Putin! God Bless Trump ❤️🇺🇸

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...he hinted at the gravity of both Devolution and the Sovereign Alliance when he suggested conditions changed between 2014 and 2022 that allowed him to make the moves he did in the Donbas. —

Burning Bright right 😊

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Great work from the team from BNB!! A busy day - well covered! I appreciate the role you all choose to play in this Crisis (or crises) Point of history.

I, for my part, will continue to Pray by the Spirit of God and, by His Grace, will do what damage I can with the Sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God) in the spiritual warfare of Good v evil.

"...for the one who would come to God must believe that He is - and He is a rewarder..." Heb.11:6

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The middle age karens seems a tricky characterization. There’s many middle aged women fighting hard to promote MAGA, and, at the same time, many are lost just waiting for the corrupt media and medical people to tell them what to do. Likewise, there’s plenty of cowardly middle aged males going with the blindly led, business as usual, flow and, of course, the opposite MAGA or bust crowd. I appreciate this discussion being put forth because it’s an uphill fight convincing and countering those, both middle aged female and male and the lost gender confused in between. WWG1WGA is not just a label it’s a call to arms. God Bless!!!

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Obama, Clinton and Biden ALL used secret, fake-name email accounts to hide their actions One of the main reasons the Obama Justice Department whitewashed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s criminally negligent mishandling of classified information, is that Obama was implicated. https://nypost.com/2023/09/06/obama-clinton-and-biden-all-used-secret-fake-name-email-accounts-to-hide-their-actions/

Biden classified memos report re-ignites debates about dual justice, ‘diminished’ president Famed liberal icon Alan Dershowitz decries Hur decision when compared to treatment of Trump: "You can't have two different laws for similar acts. You have to have one single standard of justice." https://justthenews.com/government/white-house/fribiden-classified-memos-report-re-ignites-debates-about-dual-justice

Indignant Biden Triples Down in Wake of Scathing Special Counsel Report https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2024/02/08/biden-remarks-745pm-n2635011

Did You Catch Joe Biden's Massive Lie About the Special Counsel Report? https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2024/02/09/why-bidens-ghostwriter-deleted-audio-tapes-with-the-president-n2635014

Supreme Court Appears Poised to Back Trump in Ballot Challenge Case ‘Why should a single state get to decide who gets to be the President of the United States?’ Justice Elena Kagan asks. https://www.theepochtimes.com/us/supreme-court-appears-poised-to-back-trump-in-ballot-challenge-case-5583427

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Many Thanks, Ashe for your Takes and summary of the SC ballot issue!! 🙏❤️

That this is all based (on the surface anyway) on Trump’s role in the insurrection that wasn’t actually an insurrection is mindboggling.

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BB’s wish list for the interview and the topics of the interview itself is what I came away with. Putin’s calm demeanor and his grasp of events over the past 1200 years as well as his clarity on current events demonstrates his intelligence. What a contrast to Obama’s idiot-in-chief and the freak show administration. And a segment of individual assessments of Tucker clearly showed the respect for him among Russian citizens. Zelensky’s actions now make another interesting case….why now??

Speaking of Europe, Germany’s divide also shows that the liberals are located in part of the original Prussian state. Interesting.

The apparent plan for Biden is to escape his crimes scot-free by claiming dementia….the media’s narrative on this has definitely increased. 😡😡. The double standard on classified documents is massive….the minions trying to commit treason once again by robbing US citizens of their right to vote using the court cases against Trump. The minions and their fascist handlers are getting increasingly desperate. Especially as Trump’s leads increase daily.

The Supremes, however, are a totally different story! This appears positive for the Constitution at the point.

The NYC mayor is another example of idiocy. The minions definitely think the sheep are stupid. Boomerang time. The increase in Karen’s has interesting implications, too.

I’m considering that Simon’s conclusion nails it, “….shift, and ‘Panic in DC’ was trending on Twitter tonight.”

God bless BB, Just Human, Ashe and Simon for today’s briefing! You each have been uniquely gifted and your willingness to share is making a big difference.🙏🙏

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Cristal clear lessons of the ages tell the story of aggression — since 1991 it came FROM THE WEST towards Russia.


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"White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Wednesday that because Republicans have not passed the ‘bipartisan’ border security bill that includes funding for Israel and Ukraine, the administration will have no choice but to leave the border open."

So in other words, Brandon is afraid the Republicans see the farce in calling the the Democrats and RINOS Bill the "Border Security Bill"!

As for the "elites", they are all aghast at the reasonable and calm answers Putin gave to Carlson's questions. The cat is out of the bag now, Putin is an intelligent, logical and much better person to head a nation than Brandon, Obummer and Clinton, both of them, all wrapped together!

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Not trusting polls, I however found Simon’s take personally interesting. Albeit anecdotal, there is every indication from observing my little subset, that men instantly and deeply committed to Trump as a leader and it was their wives who did not. It is also the men in my small data survey who have not since wavered and dropped DJT for Kennedy. Long before today’s op-ed, I’ve been cheekily referring to the dames who have such a violent reaction to any masculine locker room sweat by DJT as ‘Karens’. Every time I was attacked in public for not complying with a useless mask, it was a woman. I want a David who can kill the enemy with the jawbone of an ass standing beside me when the shit hits the fan, next month as I calculate…someone else can judge him watching a girl bathe on a rooftop.

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Badlands Media News Brief in my email every day is something I look forward to, but with the article written about liberal women by Simon Esler, I'm reading on the level of Media Matters. No analysis here, just gonna call middle age liberal women "Karens", yeah, that's the ticket, and move on. I'm shaking my head and laughing in disbelief as I write this at how embarrassing it is that Badlands would allow this. Starting the day off with this cheap read is, well, if you know how one can bleach one's mind, please let me know. I have chosen my side in this war, and it is the side of American sovereignty, and I've put in 10s of thousands of hours fighting, but when this war is over and our side inevitably wins, if the right goes back to ridiculing and dismissing us women, I, for one, will will turn.

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Everyone in Germany who lived under communism is voting for the complete opposite now.

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What a day for news. Winning! And if there is no more proof of this, the AM Lamestream News is broadcasting . . . color stories about the Superbowl.


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Vlad, Vlad…a real man proffering copies of historical documents…pillow talk.

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Too much winning, too soon, this week. If this is really 'patriots in control' we should expect setbacks soon. These crashing waves need to culminate later in the year, not now. The contrasting win/loss game needs to amplify considerably yet, the normies are still relatively disengaged.

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