Bad guys: RINOs, Dems, DC bureaucracy, 3-letter agencies/ALL of them, Federal Reserve and associated banks, industrial military and media complexes, complicit corporations & foundations....in the US...

Good guys: RFK, Trump, Paxton, MAGA-loving folks.

(Notice the first group are made up of ‘groups;’ the second group is made up is ‘individuals’)

We are at the point where each must make a choice.

Ashe said it best, “Learn to code and eat the bugs or join the fight to end globalism. These are your only options.”

Pray for our country’s people to return to God and once again adhere to the principles that ensure each individual remains an individual. God, please bless and protect all who work to expose the truth.🙏

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Thank you, Badlands contributors!!!

Your dedication to thoughtful takes on the news, your time and work to do so, is a valuable resource. I really don’t know how I would keep up with it all without you. What takes time on your end, saves time on mine and I love you for that! ❤️🇺🇸🌎

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RFK assassination plot was probably launched by White Hats. 1 More failed attempt @ waking up sleeping normies. This weekend I attended a party of friends from my childhood neighborhood. These ppl have known me since I was 5 yrs old. Okay ... long time ago. Almost all are libtards (like I used to be) here on north shore of Boston. Out of 30 ppl there were 2 patriots. Even after all this insanity: Covid Mask & Vax Mandates, Vax injuries, Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, AdrenoChrome, Russiagate, DJT's many successes as POTUS vs. the actor, Obvious Election Fraud in multiple elections ... 28 out of 30 good moral human beings remain deeply committed to staying lost in The Matrix.

imo: White Hats made a colossal Mistake. U MUST TAKE AWAY THEIR MONEY. And I mean ... ALL OF IT. That's the only thing that will wake 'em up. As long as they can pay their bills, eat well & live in diminishing relative luxury, these zombie normies are so numb that nothing awaken their higher intelligence. Not even an RFK assassination.

As Iggy Pop sung, "Trying to steal a moment of Pleasantry in this Zombie Birdhouse ... Run, Run, Run, Run like a Villain, let the Good Time Roll , Run like a Villain to Save your Soul." This is exactly what the normies are doing.

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The Badlands News Brief is my favorite to read first thing in the morning. I’m extremely happy about Ken Paxton being acquitted. This was the best news! I hope the people of Texas vote out every single Democrat senator and RINO Republican Senator and any Texas house representative who voted for this sham impeachment. Now comes the revenge! Get back to work, Ken!

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The Lawfare is insane in this weird time. - TX Impeachment. MI FBI kidnapping trial. The Trump Trials. Not mentioned today Hunter and Joe.

It's has always been a standing joke about the place of lawyers in our society and politics. But lets face it, the "law" is no longer an arbiter of reality. The Judiciary are so completely politicized that no longer can anyone expect a non political outcome.

As Shakespeare states, "The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers." Why stop there. Go after the media as well.

The left understands it. They know that they’ll be able to take over an ignorant population with greater ease than one where everyone understands their rights. When they control the narrative and the judges, their job of pacifying the populace is easy.

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And on another note Regarding the UAW Strike: How many people have paid attention to the number of high profile strikes that have happened during the Brandon Regime?

Ask yourself the question about what political factions that the strikers are represented by. To my memory, only the Law Enforcement Unions supported Trump in 2020.

And guess what all these lefty unions are demanding now? For the Country to show them the money - despite the fact that the same faction they supported has tanked the economy, caused massive inflation and loss of buying power, destroyed their working conditions, incentivized business leaving the US? The America Last policy is not working. But the Workers Unions still can't see it.

As for the Entertainment Unions, I just don't give a crap.

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Sep 18·edited Sep 18

It appears we have an infiltrator in comments … picking on our writers, eh? You done gone and made me spill my coffee, (close your eyes to this poor grammar Lafayette-a Samuel Clemons Midwest thing) ruining my spiritual morning rite as I leisurely read what badlands’ writers write. Must be from the NY comPost…

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RE: UAW Strike & Automation .... how does implementation of 6000 Suppressed Super-Tech Patents come into calculus w/ Global labor force? 45 has spoken openly about cars that will fly happening sooner than u think. Aren't White Hats tacitly rolling out Tesla Towers & Free Energy Vehicles? Isn't Toyota rolling out a car that runs on hydrogen? Yes, Automation works to increase profits/efficiency for Corporations. But isn't the shift from OLD Tech to NEW Tech a vital cog in the Industrial Machine?

As an undergrad philosophy major back in early 80's I had a professor who predicted the existential challenge/opportunity on the global horizon when automation would eliminate manual labor and liberate humanity to explore deeper questions of who we are and how we find meaning in our lives. Are we ready to evolve as a species?

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I hope these MICHIGAN men (My home State) go after everyone that attacked them. From Gov Hitler to the FBI and the NEWS stations... This criminal behavior by that group must be punishable... FAKE NEWS was KEY in this entirely planned entrapment plan by Hitlermers people!

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The articles on Domestic FIB Tyranny in MI and the Foreign rinoRATs NWO pushing for WW3 over Ukriane are BookEnds of the DC Feral Coup Deep State.

Neglecting the People of the USA while Destroying the Country & Constitution.

How Much Longer Do WE/Me/You "tolerate" this Abuse??? Isn't this "a long train of abuses" from the Declaration of Independence ???

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Excellent work Badlands Media. It just gets better and better.

Great writers

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Two views. United Auto Workers union strike could expand as negotiations continue



MORE MONEY FOR UKRAINE. UAW withholds their endorsement for Biden amid historic strikes

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., discusses the United Auto Workers strike's impact on the economy and his support for a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown. #FOXBusiness


A over looked article. Former Ambassadors Peter Hoekstra and Joseph Cella Call for Investigation into CCP-Linked Gotion

The Gateway Pundit reported that the State of Illinois is providing taxpayer funded incentives, of more than half a billion dollars, to lure a Communist China-tied company, Gotion, to build an electric vehicle (EV) battery factory in the state. + FED MONEY.


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I like your choices of commentary. Thanks for doing this. But please do remember that most of us have already heard/read these things and are simply looking for something short and pithy that pinpoints as best as possible and as BRIEFLY as possible WHY you chose this and HOW you see it fits in or might fit in with "the" narrative and/or the counternarrative? We don't need a recap of what we've already read and then re-read a part of here. Bottom line: shorter is better. (BB does a good job at this, Ashe most of the time, others might need some work.) Sorry if this sounds harsh ... it's not supposed to. You provide a very useful service. I just don't have the time to read, re-read, and then read a long commentary on what I've already read, and I would guess others in this community are the same. Just get to the key points and then let us determine if we need to go deeper ... again. Thanks for reading, if you've read this far.

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