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Thanks for getting these out with GART 2 just ending.

I sure hope the Commie Villagers wake up soon... the ridiculous DS Rat Bastard behavior can't get more obvious... we have got to get on with enacting justice.

Keep it coming.

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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btw: I read Badlands stuff cuz you guys respect your audience enough to actually write the truth as opposed to the White Hat spin narrative.

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Can someone help me better understand this statement by BB, “...Biden is being used to execute a controlled demolition of the US Deep State in the public mind,...”

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Ashe says: "That said, I am a little shocked that he’s still allowed to pretend being President in light of the mountain of evidence against him and his family."

Shocked? I have 4 words for you: "Climate Change is Real" They have been trumpeting this line throughout the media, the schools and the world despite every bit of their "proof" being exposed as inaccurate at best and fraudulent at its most demonic. All to support the UN Agenda 2020-22-30-40-50 et al - plans for a One World Government and abolition of individual sovereignty.

They are extraordinary liars!

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Oh, yes....the cabal hates peace because it’s harder to cull the herd with other methods than war, and they make so much money, too! 😡

Yes, Elon definitely put a cog in the plan to fast track physical war.

The deep state, at the orders of the globalist cabal, wants an amendment to the Constitution banning personal weapons...not happening. Sales of personal firearms has been setting records as the people become more aware of the evil plans for ‘we the people!’

The cabal’s downfall is their misconception that people truly are animals without the ability to know God and that people cannot use the analytical abilities God gifted us. God is not an the side of the evil one or his minions.

Biden is on the way out as the obvious 2-tier system of justice is becoming increasingly obvious. The attack on truth (via court cases of truth tellers) is waking more daily! If people are publicly asking who the idiot-in-chief is working for....

911. God bless all of the innocents and their families. When the truth is revealed, there will no no place the true guilty can hide.

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Good stuff Troop Most Appreciated

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Will somebody pls pull masks off Joe & Kamala & rest of the actors? All at once! Today! I am NO longer wasting my time w/ the hoard of trusted truthers droning on & on about '24 elections & 45's court dates in March & beyond. "Blah blah blah" to quote Iggy Pop. I am sick of Truthers lying to We the People in a futile attempt to wake up normies who ain't gonna leave their Matrix. btw:: e/o in my blood family still adores Brandon & his idiot policies. Unfortunately I live in Massachusetts (way behind enemy lines). The only way forward is to take away ALL their money in 1 fell swoop. As long as they can live comfortably dining at nice restaurants, they don't care if innocent children are being raped, organ harvested, sacrificed on Satanic altars. Collapse the F-ing Stock Markets & USD TODAY! Not in 6 months. Do it NOW! We the Ppl have been waiting and waiting and waiting. I shut off 45's speech in SD less than 1 min into it. I can't listen to him lie anymore. I am sick of this part of the movie. Anybody got a rope for the remaining rats?

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Our rights are not "inalienable" they are"unalienable!" There is a big difference.

After the Civil War, during the Grant Administration, the USA was essentially bankrupt. Money was needed to pay pensions to disabled Union Veterans, pensions to the widows of deceased Union Veterans and funds to rebuild portions of the country.

The only source of loans to nations was the Rothschild Bankers in the City of London. The story is told in old US History books printed prior to the 20th Century when history was rewritten to fit the Cabal's narrative.

To be able to get the loans needed it was required to make some changes:

1. Set up a Corporation-the UNITED STATES,

2. Give the corporation a territory-Washington D.C. as it's territory and

3. Make a few subtle changes in founding documents such as change 1 letter of 1 word in the

Declaration of Independence; specifically change a "u" to an "i" which changed a word in the

second paragraph from "unalienable" to "inalienable."

Why was #3 important? When the word was "unalienable" the root word was "lien." A lien is when someone has a higher claim that you do to a right or possession such as a lien by the mortgage company on your home or a bank lien against your car that is not yet paid off. When the word was "unalienable" it meant no one could have a higher claim to the rights guaranteed than you because those rights came from God. "All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights...Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..."

Under the Act of Feb. 21, 1871 Congress did the 3 points mentioned above and Pres. Grant signed the Act into Law and that Act facilitated the loans needed from the Rothschild Bankers. Prior to this Act there had been other consessions made by the USA also to obtain the loans.

When the word was changed to "inalienable" the root word became "alien." An "alien is a foreigner who asks permission to be a citizen of another country. When the conditions required to be met to become the "citizen" of that new country are accomplished, that person is now a "naturalized citizen." that person asked for a 'privilege" that was granted by government. since government gave that privilege, government has the right to take that privilege away at governments wish.

Any argument that you or I did not ask for that privilege is mooted by the 14th Amendment which was passed in 1868 and says in pertinent part; "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;..."

Two important points to takeaway from the 14th amendment:

1. "Privilges and immunities" are not "Rights" but what "naturalized citizens" receive when they complete the process of naturalization and

2. Since the Corporation of the UNITED STATES was not set up until 3 years later, the United States is not all caps in the 14th Amendment.

To enslave a people in a way that they do not realize they are or have become slaves, it is done gradually, incrementally.

Words have meaning and if we do not understand the meaning of the words we do not know what it is we are saying. Modern dictionaries, even modern Legal Dictionaries such as Black's Law Dictionary (which I have both the 3rd Ed and the 7th Ed.) say the meaning of "unalienable" and "inalienable' is the same.

Here is the problem: to understand what is meant in a Legal Document or a Lawful Document such as the Declaration of Independence the key is not what the word means today, the key is what the word meant when the document was written.

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2023 is just more of the same. As if life isnt a battle already, we the people are being tested mentally to levels most have never experienced. For young people, compare it to your video games. Your opponent is betting on your failure to survive. prove him wrong!! Pray for strength and dont give up! God Bless us and keep us under his protection against the enemies of darkness, Amen.

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I watched the clip you provided BB! You guys looked like you were have a blast. Thank you for getting this out to us! Y’all are the best.

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Fair enough! I just can't listen the White Hat lies anymore! TY God 4 US Open Tennis distraction. I'm 6 episodes away from end of watching all 4 seasons of The X-Files. Never saw it when it came out cuz I was living in an ashram. To Quote Green Day, WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS

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I LOVE 45! I AM FULL MAGA!!! I don't like how 45 obfuscates to placate the glacial-pace awakening on normies. I wish 45 would turn-off the spin machine & just speak straight on TRUTH! OkI love the man. And I don't trust a/o else but 45-turning-19! But Idk THE PLAN. Maybe I'm being impatient. Maybe I'm missing keys pieces of puzzle. Maybe I''m NOT as good at chess as DJT. Definitely! But I can't watch his speeches. Too much BS.

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