What Clown Cart did Hunter Biden, His Lawyers and the Democrat establishment fall off of? And do they remember exactly why they were celebrating the Whistleblower statues just a few years back?


- Hunter Embezzles money through foreign entities that implicate his father the former Vice President and present President

- He lies about the money and files fraudulent Tax returns

- It is discovered by IRS auditors.

- Politically corrupt Superiors at the IRS hamper and hinder the Audit investigation - attempt to bury it.

- Auditors, using the Whistleblower protections, report it to Congress.

- Magically, the "Special Council" former federal prosecutor slow walked the investigation into the tax fraud until the statute of limitations had expired.

- Hunter Biden sues the Federal Government / IRS for failing to protect his private information.

- Crocodile Tears flow like Niagara Falls from the Mainstream media.

You cannot make this Sh-- up.

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Babylon Bee had a couple of fun posts on the missing jet. First was that the Epstein client list was on the jet. Next was that search teams were seen combing the woods with key fobs held over their heads which they were continually clicking:)

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Wow, this movie is getting better and better every day. Plot twists are amazing. Hunter is now suing the IRS? Is this the same IRS to which daddy added thousands of new agents who can carry guns?

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We used to have dress codes in school. Had to go to the cafeteria once a month and kneel on the benches to make sure our skirts (absolutely no slacks or jeans) touched the bench. Got dentation once because I forgot to bring my shoes to school in a snowstorm and had to wear my boots all day!! Tsk, tsk!! Little bit over the top, yes but, what did we end up with when they said no more dress codes in school? Girls in tube tops and Daisy Mae shorts and jeans with holes in them. Boys with graphic t-shirts and shorts!! The whole point was to teach you to dress appropriately for the JOB you will be dong someday. The senate walking around in cutoffs and sweatshirts shows just how seriously they take this job and is a bad impression for the youth of today, letting them know that being a slob is ok!!

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I dream of a day that I will not here the names Byeden, Killary or Nobama. How long is the flight to Gitmo? I am feeling crusty this AM. Thanks guys/gals for keeping me sane in these crazy days of info-wars.

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Much thanks for the contributions today! I want to especially thank Justin for taking the time to address the "practice" of medicine.

As one dealing with sero-negative RA (meaning my blood work doesn't demonstrate the disease, though the physical detorioration of my joints certainly does) - I have chosen to let the industry practice on others and am managing mine with diet, exercise, and "willow bark".

PS - it was the treatments that ended up shortening my mom's life from the same ailment. They (the practicers) just "couldn't get the doses right."

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Fetid Fetterman is outlandish in today’s selected and placed criminal politicians. Hanging in the coat closet until trotted out by handlers to slur a statement. Prancing Pelosi in her heels is a well dressed criminal. Her son was a Hunter buddy in overseas tax laundering as was Mitt Romney’s son. All quiet on the western front. But the trashy trend means we’ll see McConnel in McMuffin house shoes. Grunge Government.

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Let’s see if Fetterman actually shows up now.

I just saw a story of a doctor/hospital who has been trying to force a boy to undergo chemotherapy even though the boy has never tested positive for the cancer. Apparently this fight has been going on for five years. The boy is now 17 and has never been sick. But the fight over custody continues. The cancer doctor had been involved in a study involving 12 year old boys with a particular type of cancer and wanted him in the study (according to the parents). It was the craziest thing I ever saw. I’ve been trying to remember his name or find the video but I haven’t yet.

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“ Perhaps we’ll finally start to end this adherence to medical authoritarianism now that more people are aware of it through the COVID saga.” — Justin Deschamps. 👍

The silver lining to this all-things-Covid exposure of a captured and corrupted medical system run by BigPharma for who knows how long? at least all the way back to the initial rollout of the polio vaccine decades ago.

The missing F-35B Lightning II jet is such a bizarre story. So, everything is trackable in our highly surveillanced world except an $80 million fighter jet that mysteriously malfunctions.

Just another notch up in the collective mind meter of WTF is going on. Everything that happens lately has an increasing “eyes on” factor that is surely making [them] nervous!

For more on that, catch Clif High’s interview with highly skilled remote viewers aligning with Clif’s predictive program re The Big Event:


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The exposure gets greater and great with each passing day. Y'all highlighted the absurdity of the DS Rat Bastard's MSM. All of our institutions are FUBRAR!

I look forward to that 1st BOOM 💥 so we can get about the people's business of emptying the trash.

Keep up the great work 👍

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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There are also the Military branches that tend to make hilarious comments about the other branches' screw-ups. Ret. USN Wife.

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Maybe "enjoy the show"?

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I don’t understand why people run to the dr with a cold other than they are hypociondriacts!

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I cant wait until the entire bunch of Nadlers and Schumers are in orange jumpsuits instead of suits and ties..... showing up for their executions. Large wet sponges and 5G power to run the equipment.

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Doctors don’t use their wits much now because most are employed by hospitals, which are run by the federal govt through large subsidies. It’s top-down medicine. This is why most doctors recommended the vax.

Physician’s training is also less rigorous. Residencies (post-graduate training) are shorter in numbers of years. Time spent daily in the hospital is half the amount that is was 15-20 years ago. Surgeons tell me that residents are rarely interested in seeing the patients after a surgery where they assisted. Is there a reason a physician in training holds little interest in a patient’s progress?

Non-surgeon physicians no longer see their own patients in the hospital after admission, even though their offices are usually in the same building. Hospitalists, who’ve never met the patient, care for the patient.

I could go on, but you’ve probably heard enough.

I’d look for a wholistic MD, or preferably a DO, as your regular doctor, since they are more geared to wellness.

Pray a lot too since God is our primary healer.

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I offer you to have a look to this terrific article by Brian Cates:



🙏🏻✝️🕊️ May God have Mercy and pity to [Them] and bless all of those who are fighting for His Word and HIS Truth ! 🕊️✝️🙏🏻

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