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Coffee and Badlands News... delicious 😋

God Bless!!!

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Amazing reporting VS garbage propaganda we see daily on mainstream media, news and papers‼️👍🏻

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Love this daily summary!!

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Look at these stories, balloons, AI, Social/climate control. Three years ago when the election was stolen, I never would have guessed these news stories. Look how far things (things being the wicked evil WEF plans) have gone in 3 years. I almost don’t recognize America any longer.

Great job Badlands Media. Exceptional shows and news articles. Keeping us awake and aware!!!

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The left continues to blur the line between artificial intelligence and real stupidity.

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Great way to start the day!

I love seeing the diversity of "our take" .

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JON HERROLD: That wide open spot on Badlands at 6:00 p.m. would be ideal to schedule QUITE FRANKLY!!!!! He broadcasts daily & is great...as you already know! Thanks.....

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Is Turkey distancing itself from NATO and the EU?

Is Turkey militarily and financially allying with Russia and China?

Why, when not on a fault line, has SE Turkey sustained nearly 100 earthquakes in the last 36 hours?

80+ % of all EQ of entire world?

all between 4 and 8 on Richter scale?

all shallow (<20 km deep)?

Have at least two EQ weapons been patented?

Would [they] use those weapons in these circumstances?

Would [they] use them in America?

In BRICS+ countries?

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What will happen to Badlands Story Hour tomorrow night (Tuesday at 9 ET) when Xiden is speaking (garbling)?

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~ Professor Mark Crispin Miller


"Suppression of Excess Deaths"


{& DON'T FORGET THE "SUDDEN" TYPE !, All Too Suddenly}

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Best Parts

To Partake Of,

Is The...

"Our Take(s)" !

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King Jehu 2 Kings 9-10. Answer to your question last night

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