Interesting how mainstream "journalists" are saying Tucker is not a journalist, but a propagandist. They actually use that word. They should know. THEY are, and have been, the propagandists for the global regime.

They are in a panic. The average American will see how they have been lied to for years.

Putin is not our enemy. He knows who our mutual enemy is, and that enemy resides in DC and Ukraine.

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After watching the movie "The Sum Of All Fear", I concluded that the Cabal has pushed this Russian bad narrative all my life. As a strong Christian I want humanity to unite as one race, and start following the commandment -"love thy neighbor as thyself ". So Tucker doing this interview and MSM losing their minds over it- IS HUGE AND PRICELESS!!😆👍

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https://www.poynter.org/commentary/2024/tucker-carlson-vladimir-putin-interview-russian-asset/ " So why is Putin agreeing to meet with someone such as Carlson instead of journalists such as Amanpour? Well, that appears obvious". Because Tucker will tell the whole truth and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc. will not and Putin knows it!

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I can't be the only one who thought Gorka was crooked, can I?

Great edition, BLMedia!

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Notice that India and China are still using coal because they know it is superior to any GREEN energy, while the US falls off the cliff in stupidity because of liberals! The people who support the Green Energy hoax never bother to look into the real detrimental issues it presents to our environment which is far worse than oil and natural gas!

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Great Job Badlands!

Tucker’s Interview is Feb 8,24.

Putin handed President Trump the Soccer Ball.

As Per Mr Pool on the Telegram app - Guess who is also in Russia and will be in on that interview-

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"Winning is everywhere.” — Burning Bright

Eyes wide open

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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DC Court of appeals has just opened Pandora's Box! According to them, any former President does not have immunity for any actions they did while President! Obummer is and Brandon will be "fair game" for a slew of future Law Suits against them various actions that can be described as "corruption" or "Treason"!

You are watching a Movie! Enjoy it whule it lasts. SCOTUS will rule that Trump is not an Insurrectionist and neither are the January 6 detainees in the D.C. Gulag!

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"Appeals court denies Trump immunity in 2020 criminal election case" I'm getting confused with so many of these stupid charges and appeals, I can't keep tract. If every President since the beginning of time, has had "Presidential Immunity" what gives this appeals court the right to change the law because it's Trump? Well, because it's Trump, silly me! What is he as a "citizen" charged with J6?? He wasn't charged with insurrection, he did not incite a riot, he wasn't even there and most of the hidden video that they won't release, is proving that our government set it all up! So, what prosecution is he being charged for?? Please someone make sense of all of this!!! BULLSHIT!!!

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"Bank of America appears to renege on pledge to not finance new coal projects"

On July 28 2022, West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore announced he has formed a 15-state coalition of state financial officers who have committed to scrutinize or potentially curtail future business with banks that adopt corporate policies to cut off financing for the coal, oil and natural gas industries. Together, the coalition represents more than $600 billion in public assets under management and will begin considering whether financial institutions are engaged in boycotts of America’s traditional energy industries when awarding state banking contracts.

“I’m proud to continue to stand with my colleagues against these attacks on our states’ coal, oil and natural gas industries,” Treasurer Moore said. “These industries – which are engaged in perfectly legal activities – provide jobs, paychecks and benefits to thousands of hard-working families in our states and we will not stand idly by and allow our peoples’ livelihoods to be destroyed to advance a radical social agenda.”

Seems as though it is working. At least one other bank has already caved.

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This Gina Carano lawsuit is going to have a massive ripple effect on the collective mindset. When she wins bigly and people see her back in Mando after headlines of an undisclosed settlement, the shift away from DEI will solidify and more people are going to speak openly about the myriad forms of discrimination they have been experiencing. It's gonna be Biblical... 😁

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Re: GORKA. I’m guessing his concern lies more with the perception that Tucker is providing a platform for Russian propaganda. Given the daily propaganda we are exposed to from our own domestic agents he is not wrong. Putin will not tell the truth any more than Biden , Hillary, Kamala, or Schumer. However, Gorka’s credentials are beyond reproach. Be very careful as you attempt to pigeon hole him. He has forgotten more about fascism than you ever knew. Be very careful.

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Great take on the Tucker article, Ashe. I like Gorka, but sometimes I feel like he’s stuck in the Soviet era. Take him with a grain of salt.

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Convergence of panicking globalists is a good sign and Tucker’s interview with Putin on the horizon, the truth about what DoD and the CIA, and the Biden crime family have profited from may actually be revealed to millions. If Tucker asks the right questions about what biological agents have been weaponized….and maybe we might find out what agent was weaponized and planned for 2024 release. Praying for Tucker and Putin’s safety. 🙏 The cabal and their minions do NOT want this information released to the public.

Boomerangs coming with the immunity ruling against Trump, the gradual backpedaling (think Overton window) on the true story at the border, and the manipulation of the narrative about the economy.

The RNC is undergoing massive changes and it’s just beginning!

Biden….how long will Obama, et.al., continue to put him in front of a camera? The reality may be revealing itself in the many areas where the administration has been ‘forced’ to take actions that are good for the country (and they’re not happy)…. Same with banks… Looks like the tide is turning against all of the Marxist agenda the minions have been pushing down the citizens’ throats!

Thanks to Elon for keeping his word and funding the Carano lawsuit against the extremely woke Disney….likely the first of more to come.

It appears that the foundation is being laid on many fronts in anticipation of swift America first changes once the election is over!!

Ashe’s advice is good: “Pay close attention to your favorite influencers in the coming days, and consider whether they still represent your values.”

BB sums it up, “Winning is everywhere.”

God bless all who contribute to this community.🙏🙏

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Great info updates. Enjoyed all the twist and turns. If this weekly drama is nothing else, its bigly entertaining vs what those actors/actresses/movie producers have produced in years. Real life is better than fiction!

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Great job Badlands!

Tucker’s Interview will be aired on Feb 8,24.

President Trump joined that interview. ( Per Mr. Pool on the Telegram app- the one that has 29k followers).

God Bless You !

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