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Bud Lite tested the waters with it's "Woke" ad and failed miserably. Everyone makes mistakes, I hope they learned a lesson, just because it's new doesn't mean it's good. Stick to the old fashioned, how it always was, and you won't go wrong. BTW, I really like this new guy Simon Esler and his posts. He hits the nail on the head with his articles!! Kudos Simon!!

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Remember just a few months ago a woman speaking at a WEF conference talked about the water supply. I don't remember all of the details but she was saying that the Covid op didn't work but people would comply when their water supply was compromised. Also Q - watch the water.

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We seem to be confused here. We keep talking about the blithering fool speaking daily in front of a podium that has the seal of POTUS on it. But who is that clown anyway? He is not Joe Biden as I have stated often before. He is an actor with the wrong right ear design. But, he is an actor and we need to figure out why Joe Biden disappeared before the inauguration in 2021. Who was actually elected and what does it mean that everything done since then has been done by an actor playing the role of our President.

What does this mean for everything we are seeing each day? Isn’t this more important to understand than anything else? Heck, they can run another fake guy in who speaks clearly and doesn’t make gaffes but that won’t make this any better. The problem is the fakery and the stolen election that makes the fakery necessary. I am quite bored with this stupid movie. I want some reality for a change!

Jim Schout

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The farmers in Europe have reached the precipice and eventually they will win as the EU is being ‘attacked’ on multiple fronts.

I actually agree with Trump’s ‘forgiveness’ of Bud. We don’t want to destroy the livelihood of our citizens and you can bet Bud has learned a lesson…..not a beer drinker, but it makes sense as we want American businesses to thrive after we get rid of the deep state.

Biden’s cognitive decline….’ya think?


Fear mongering of cyber, terror threats increasing daily. WWIII anyone?

CIA was behind Nord Stream.

Tucker has ratcheted up the panic factor in all of the cabal and the minions.🙏🙏

Europe is different from the US. The memories of a centuries long feudal system are still present. The near east countries have also memories of various dictatorships and/or communist regimes in the not-too-distant past. The US, however, has never been under any feudal lord or dictatorship, but Obama was working on it in his half of the 16 year plan. Why bring this up? Because the cabal is a single minded creature and consistently uses the same playbook over and over because it has always worked with countries with a history of feudal lords, royalty and dictators. This is why the US is at the forefront of the war against the would-be overlords. 1) We have never suffered under a feudal regime. 2) We have a constitution that recognizes and ensures individual rights. 3) We have the 1st and 2nd amendments. Under our constitutional republic, individuals thrive with creativity in all areas which is why we’ve been at the forefront. This is also the reason others desire to come. The legal immigration has been a huge benefit as they assimilated into our free culture and the US has been better for it. Yes, the Prussians infiltrated after WWII and Operation Paperclip brought the Nazis. The remnants of these are the deep state. We are awakening and daily exposing and thwarting their goals. What the cabal doesn’t understand and what will bring it down? We the people will not comply. Period.

God bless the truth community and especially the journalists.🙏🙏

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The brief was loaded with good information today! I don't know when you all sleep, but I appreciate each one of you and what it takes to stay on top of the news.

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"Nothing I've seen since has disabused me of the notion that the Sovereign Alliance is very real, and very much in control.” — Burning Bright

I hope this is true

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It’s crazy how so many have labeled Carlson a traitor or a spy because he’s interviewing Putin. Even going so far as to calling for his arrest or blocking him from re-entering the United States! Megan Kelly interviewed Putin in 2017 and wasn’t called a spy. I know journalists have interviewed other leaders who were considered enemies and they were not called traitors. I recall John Miller interviewed Osama bin Laden. Nobody called him a traitor. It really makes you wonder why they’re so afraid of Rhys interview. Also, we’re still waiting to watch the Julian Assange interview. Hmmm

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Thank you for finding that clip Feather journey!

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Sweden has lost its Viking spirit.

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I missed the "Righteous Russia" series (mentioned in the first item) when it came out. It can be found at https://burningbright.substack.com/p/righteous-russia-part-0-enemy-of and is worth reading.

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There is a key point that I’ve not seen any article author state. DM and his image on a can was not the whole reason for the boycott.

The brilliant Ivy League F..kheads in marketing at

AB wouldn’t lower themselves to begin to understand the working class that made BL the number 1 beer.

Those marketing geniuses have NEVER had a working class friend they spent any time with.

Their only relationship with the working person was to hire one to do jobs that were beneath their social status.


#1. They were called fratty, implying that they weren’t smart enough and BL needed to go after a more educated market.

Had AB immediately apologized for their stupid F’N mistake, most, but not all, would have come back to BL.

Now they won’t. You don’t mess with the working man. He and his ilk vastly outnumber any other demographic.

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Go Woke and Go Broke. Bud Light can kiss my ass!

Love your work.

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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Forgiveness may come when and if those responsible for the disastrous decision to wag Mulvaney in our faces are fired and the working class citizens who lost their jobs are rehired.

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I haven’t been able to listen to Badlands Newsbrief for the last two days. There is a notice that says the audio is still processing. I make this comment at 7:50 AM. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I can get around it.

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You’re about the same age as my friend from STL. He’s 72, I’m 67, so the same time frame

I agree about the big cities and their influence — the reason why the founders created a democratic republic.

Yes, we will see.

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Enjoyed the brief very much, especially the thought of Tuckers interview with Putin, putting the REAL Communist, and their COMMUNIST friends at the NWO/WHO/UN/Klaus Headquarters, and Obama's basement, in a TIZZY FRENZY 2.0. Ooooooh!! Love IT!!

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