Ryan Delarme - before I read your commentary, the thought in my head after reading the headline about The FBI admitting to 40 undercover agents on Jan 6, was - "Does that mean they will admit to 10 times that many ANTIFA agents in the same crowd." Glad we are thinking alike.

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Thanks y’all. It finally becomes apparent to all of us that we really are all in this together in ways they never imagined was true.

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Thank you. Wanted to let you know I posted this on FB this morning, but the link came up in red with suspicious link" warning dialogue. Maybe that will bring more people to the Substack. lol

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The majority of French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· people no longer have the slightest economic culture, beyond saying they are anti-capitalist and anti-liberalism without even knowing the meaning of these words.

And as far as the international news is concerned, it doesn't interest anyone apart from the catastrophic facts that make people cry...

They are unable to make the link between world events and their consequences in their daily lives.

When inflation sets in, all that remains is to demand solutions from the government and to question, with accuracy, the European πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί mismanagement, negligence AND corruption !

For this purpose, demonstrations are a known and well-mastered tool since the "rich hours" of the Popular Front in 1936 πŸ™

I wish we could master the economic and financial tools as well!

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Keep all possibilities in mind. The war of stories. Big cracks in the Disney propaganda/mind control/pedophilia company. Ukraine Nazis partnered with Antifa and the DOJ/FBI. Mantra of lies vs truth on the street in the US largest cities. Cabal clown world ramping up in 2023. House investigations, indeed. 4th Reich panic in DC. God bless the fearless patriot truth journalists!

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Between Jeff and this page,I won't need To go any further today. Ty

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Regarding Xi & Macron, I don't know, like most French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· citizens, what we can think ... πŸ™

There are too many possibilities, and very wrong ones among them !!

I prefer to focus on what is going on in the main World powers, France is no longer a major actor !

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What does VDL stand for in BB's short?

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Maryland School District Removes Parental Right to Opt-Out of Certain Curriculum, Makes LGBTQ-Themed Books Required Reading


Biden to Use Army of Social Media β€˜Influencers’ to Spin Regime Rhetoric

'They apparently are going to have full access to the WH briefing room... '



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently signed a northern border deal that has a major loophole that allows some illegal immigrants to skirt expulsion.


Former Obama AG Eric Holder Threatened Legal Action in Letter to TN House Speaker Sexton Unless Expelled Democrat Legislators Let Back In; Sources Say Litigation Still Likely


Holder Ran Guns to Mexico, lied to congress, founf in contempt, Never Prosecuted.


President Trump sits down for Tucker Carlson full hour


Gov. Bill Lee Calls On Legislature To Pass Red Flag Law, Signs Exec Order Intensifying Gun Background Checks | The Daily Wire


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