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Good morning Ryan!

The bifurcation of humanity shifted from ethnicity - a necessary measure for a certain Age of Time - to a more substantial allegiance - to a New Race (and no - lizards are not involved). One that is not defined by "Jew v Gentile" or "male v female" or "slave v master" (wait - did Paul actually address race, gender, and social standing nearly 2000 years ago!) but solely on one's willingness to accept that what God has said from the beginning is and was always Truth.

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2023 definitely is the year of disclosure!

The 'turn' on Ukraine has begun. Soon, the Collective Mind will see the 'innocent' as the warmongers.” — Burning Bright

The ‘turn’ is also in on the lame ‘so-called’ pandemic, the bio weapons pushed on an unsuspecting populace that’s increasingly being made public.

The ‘turn’ is on the so-called globalist puppet leaders in both the US as well as Ukraine.

The ‘turn’ is in the process for the ‘selected’ RINOs as well as rapidly spreading among the dems....especially as they force inept and extremely ill elders to remain in Congress so their (only marginally better) staffers cast votes in their names. Lockstep indeed!

And, lastly: the ‘turn’ is on the 2020 overthrow of a duly elected government.

I don’t mind being OUT of the club. In fact, I suspect the club members themselves will wish they were out, too.

All of these disclosures are the result of extremely gifted people that God selected and prepared for this specific role in a 5D war for our minds! God bless each one and those family members who enable their critical work.🙏🙏

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Excellent- as always.

Have a nice weekend!

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Did you notice this "low noise" news, and especially the terms chosen by President Trump through his Truth Social ??

"Donald Trump gives new nickname… to his supporters: “WE ARE MAGADONIANS !”"

Source: https://americafirstreport.com/donald-trump-gives-new-nickname-to-supporters-we-are-magadonians/

"WE're MAGAdonians, WE're very SMART, WE stick together AS ONE"...

- "WE" would stand for "We The People"?

- "Smart" would stand for a call to read between the lines and understand what isn't overtly expressed, like a sort of "signal" ?

- "We stick together as ONE" would refer to our iconic WWG1WGA(ll together) ?

I kept the best for the ending:

- Could "MAGAdonians" refer to the Macedonians and their powerful leader Alexander The Great ??

From Britannica:

"What was Alexander the Great like?

While he could be ruthless and impulsive, Alexander was also charismatic and sensible. His troops

were extremely loyal, believing in him throughout all hardships. Hugely ambitious, Alexander drew

inspiration from the gods Achilles, Heracles, and Dionysus."

Doesn't it remind you of someone much more topical?

I don't believe in luck or chance, but I can testify to synchronicities, and I believe in God first and foremost. 🙏🏻✝️

What do you think of these carefully chosen words and this rallying name and call for unity?

NCSWIC !! 👀🫂


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Excellent research Joe! I trust your expertise because of your extensive experience in the financial markets. I’ve followed you from the beginning and I have the same belief as you . . . There is no way that Trump and the military would allow the financial system to collapse where everyone loses their lifetime savings. The economy would never recover from something like that. There has been a plan in place for decades to prepare us for what is about to happen. You have covered that plan better than anyone I’ve seen so far. Thank you for that!

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Thank you very much, Badlands contributors ❤️

The daily briefs are so helpful…either because they offer excellent summaries on current issues with a mind set I align with and trust or because they inform me on issues where I was weak in my understanding. Plus, you are all good writers and I enjoy the read! ❤️🇺🇸

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Regarding Soros. Would someone please dig deeper? He’s probably not a descendant of Shem. More likely an Ashkenazi. Has anyone done a historical study of where they originated? Hint: it wasn’t Israel/Jacob or any of the Old Testament Tribes. Second hint: the Ashkenazi share similar genetic traits and they’re not Hebrew (Jewish) in origin.

One cannot be accused of Antisemitism if the person is not a descendant of Noah by his son, Shem. Please dig deeper.

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Air Force Base Drag Show Cancelled -- my take : Milley was probably double booked for that day due to his staff being selected for reasons other than their ability to do a good job and he was relieved to find a way out of one of the bookings.

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BB - for Mrs Bright - consider Bend Oregon or Spokane Washington for a venue. A lot of like minded people starving in the Pacific NW. my two bits.


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Ryan, That was an excellent take on Soros criticism!

Thats been my pov too, it seemed more reasonable & nuanced for me. so I guess a little confirmation bias on my part. Lol

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The verse is calling out the entity which falsely superseded the blessing/prophecy given to Judah alone. Calls themselves mekkoqeq, Lawgiver, used only 6 x in scriptures for God Himself or Judah. Only Judah. That would be christianity. It alone began replacing Judah and by the 2nd century, the ‘church’ fathers were writing hatred of the Jews as murderers of Moshiach. Yet He clearly said He laid His own life down and took it up. Planned from creation. It’s truly fascinating studying your tribal roots…how your blessing/ prophecy has unfolded. Synagogue and church are same word ‘assembly’, kehiloth. Judah was always the leader of the tribes, first to battle, etc. But the smallest group, smallest nation today (Lichtenstein is smaller but you get it). Judah was the tribe the Messiah chose to be born into. Joseph, got the inheritance: the greatest nation and company of nation in the end of days. Efrayim would be the gentile son who leads that ends days nato coalition. Judah and Joseph have both sinned. Here we are. Read Isaiah 11…Ezekiel 37…when we come together, we will unite in the final war. Both on the righteous side.

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Thank you all for your work.

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Sure…to the commenter. Just as all Irish are assholes like Alec Baldwin, all Germans are Hitler loving Kaisers, all Italians are murdering mafia, all Jews must have the singular agenda to rule the world. Proof always stated is Hollywood. Yet History has proven one people have actually been in power: Christianity for 2k years. Hmmmm…Shabbat Shalom.

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You had me going for a minute "The Covid Vax Weakens The Immune System." What? Haven't we known that for as long as the vax was there? Then "You Don't Say." I loved that.

Ryan, you do not WANT to see hard evidence of lizard people, believe me. Have you seen videos, one in particular they took what seemed like 8 feet of well it just looked like a rubber band out of a man's arm? That had to go into his chest. That's the closest 've come and I ever want to come. I don't think there are real lizards, but whatever the hell this was. I don't scare easily at all. Maybe three times in my life.

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Regarding Covid....How can you ever trust a doctor again or a scientist for that matter after watching this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feRg6dUApjw (How The Rockefeller’s Founded Modern Medicine And Killed Natural Cures)

Only selected people were allowed to study Medicine and only what was allowed to teach!

Plus, if you watch that video form Dr. Thomas Cowan here: https://drtomcowan.com/blogs/toms-guest-appearances/kate-sugak-interviews-dr-tom-cowan and read his book here: https://archive.org/details/2020-thomas-s-cowan-the-contagion-myth-why-viruses-including-coronavirus/page/n35/mode/2up plus there is another interview with Dr. Stefan Lanka here: https://www.brighteon.com/c8184698-2f4d-4d8e-9b8f-825a25db266e

Was it Q in one of the drops which said, that you can you can forget just about everything you've been taught, because it was all founded on lies???

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