Excellent article Justin and looking forward to your next one!

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A very good article and very educational. It is an article that should be read several times and it’s content processed from various degrees of understanding. I look forward to the next part. Sadly most people don’t actually understand “money” at all! Understanding money, the management of money and the financial markets should be taught from primary school but it is not. (Too busy teaching them other rubbish) If they did the world would be very different I would like to think 🤔

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Many thanks for this complexe, dense and well-articulated article !

I will have to read it many times more to understand and apprehend all this information.

Regarding "We hear about things like money printing, media manipulation of public opinion (propaganda), and food control", I think you can add health or medical control / fearmongering / propaganda to your list ...

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This Piece Was Beautifully Written, & obviously with great detailed Learning WithIn.

I'm Looking Forward Enthusiastically Towards Future Installments on This Series You've Created.

Thank You.


"The idea of people willingly working to support each other as a group in exchange for individual benefits has been called the social contract. Briefly, it means that to receive the benefits produced by the group, each member of that group has to do their fair share, like a housemate's situation of keeping the home clean.

In other words, we’re talking about a steward, also known as a representative—someone you can trust to represent your interests in society. We’re starting to get into the link between civics, government, law, and money. Trusting others to do their fair share and trusting our representatives to honor their word produces stability—confidence in society and the economy."

~ You

I've always been Awed & Amazed at Amish Societies.

I saw an excellent Documentary years ago on PBS where over a long weekend the men of the community built & raised, with hand tools only, the framework beams & sheathed roof of a new 2 story home, for a recently married couple.

The women cooked, prepared, & served feasts of breakfast, lunch, & dinner, during the long working hours, to provide the men with abundant nourishment.

The young newly married man worked alongside his young friends, elder craftsmen cut the more difficult angles & fittings of the beamed structure, all the while teaching mid-agers the carpentry techniques & skills necessary.

It was quite perfectly Human.

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Nothing short of a bloody revolt against bankers is going to change this system that was set up by the Fed. Not that I'm advocating violence. Just saying that they have the world by the balls. The only good thing is that they need us to keep buying and working so they let us live. As AI and posthumanists take over the culture, people will be downgraded in value. The time to prepare for local communities of commerce and provision is now.

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I hope we'll be able to find or design out of the blue other alternative exit ways, much less violent and bloody !

Perhaps it could be the main purpose of the Sovereign Alliance with the power and resources of BRICS ...?

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Energy is even more important than money. Energy is the lifeblood of life itself.

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Currency is a medium of exchange, a unit of account, it is durable, divisible, portable and fungible.

MONEY is all those things plus a store of value; currency is not.

J.P. Morgan stated in his testimony before Congress in 1912, “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” Precisely.

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Fundamentally, we need a medium of exchange, or currency. It does not need to be "money" or have an intrinsic value of its own. Just something we can use to facilitate exchange when bartering isn't efficient.

Currency has harmed our civilization in two ways:

1) New currency added into circulation has only been done via debt, which exclusively benefits those to whom the debt is owed plus usury. This is parasitic and entirely unnecessary.

2) The volume of currency in circulation needs to increase (or less likely, shrink) in proportion to the growth of the population and/or its productivity.

We need a public facility that manages the volume of currency for the collective benefit of society. This does not exist.

Sidenote - Using gold (or anything intrinsically scarce) would also harm society because its volume in circulation would be influenced by something other than the size of the population and/or its production, i.e. the supply of gold.

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Justin, are you familiar with the white paper delivered by the Bank of China in 2008, or 2009 stating their long term goal of replacing the US$ with a composite of their currency and 3-4 others as the reserve current by 2039 I think? It’s one reason they have been buying gold as fast as they can in the last 10 years. Few took it seriously early on. I’m guessing more do now!!

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Great read!! How do you create a fail safe system against corruption❓ Society today, adopts a “Frankenstein”worldview when in reality, it’s closer to a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” worldview. I think a spiritual revival, a return (repentance) to honor & obey the God of the Bible is in order. That’s a good place to start.

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Very well articulated. In particular the points made about socialism and the people producing the services and goods that generate money resenting the ones that are sitting there with their hands out when they could be doing something/anything to help. And then spitting on you even after you give them what they want. It's called looking a gift horse in the mouth. But they're not able to understand what that means and it's a one-way street. If the shoe was on the other foot...

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Gold is money, but so is rice and cocoa beans. There have been societies which give very low value to gold.

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Cocoa beans and rice may be a "medium of exchange" but they are not money. They are. at best, a rudimentary currency. Currency, rudimentary or sophisticated, is NOT money.

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I don't know/care from where this comes out, but I think it's a MUST BE READ text !

"A Note To Sane People"



Oldest source I could find: https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/3995627/posts

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Thanks for posting this link. Where would you move? I’ve thought about it too. A lot. I can’t come up with a solution that tics all the boxes-security, weather, supplies, doctors, trustworthy people, growing conditions for food, water, the list goes on..

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I don't know where I could move for my next step !

I am slowly becoming disabled (gradual loss of vision) and I am asking myself the same questions...

I don't have a solution that checks all the "right" boxes but I'm going to try to make the best choices to try to preserve my independence and finances without having to rely on my children or friends!

I'm going to have to start a new life and I'd better make the best choices from the start to be able to last!

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I hear you. We are going to have to find a way to make our own insulin for a family member. It’s going to take a community of very tight knit like minded people who can keep their mouths shut.

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This is fantastic! Thank you and please keep going...

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What do you think of Bill Still's solution? He wrote "The Money Masters" and has Still Report on bitchute. Here is his video, "Simple Solutions to the Debt Ceiling !!!" https://www.bitchute.com/video/s34qG3wFTSGI/

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