“Values immune system”, now that is a brilliant phrase and concept!!

Great information my friend!

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Outstanding! Hits all the points directly and comes to the right conclusions. Mr Deschamps is a voice for our times. Bravo!

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I’m speechless as to how well this was written. Powerful and direct! Thank you so very much for all you have and continue to do to educate us on what their plan was us and will be. Most importantly are the ways to fight back!

I have a granddaughter who is a freshman in college and the counter culture is in her face and I pray she can stay strong and not cave. She’s had a good raising and I’m proud of the strong, vocal woman she’s becoming. It’s an example of how imbedded in our schools it’s become. A hundred years in the making!

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Jan 28, 2023Liked by Justin Deschamps

Love everything about this article.

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Mercola's article, which I linked in a comment to part 1 of this excellent essay, provides some additional (and some duplicated) recommendations regarding ending mass formation psychosis:


Go down to the last section of the article "How To Break Mass Formation." I will not copy any of it here, because the whole thing is worth reading. (About 8 paragraphs, it won't take that long I promise.)

When we speak out as Mercola and Desmet recommend, concentrate on the things we know [they] DON'T want people to know about: The plandemic and vaxx; and rigged elections. That will drive [them] crazy -- it already is doing so, which is why they are starting to lose coherence and appear increasingly unfocused and are starting to attack [their] own. Keep attacking them without mercy. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

75+ million MAGA Americans voted for Trump in 2020 and want to put an end to this -- we need to all work together as best we can to attack, attack, attack [their] failures and lies.

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I’m learning that our disgustingly mis-named “intelligence” agencies have played a central role in all of this.

At the same time the enemy devalued the very notion of personal, civic and national morality, it also destroyed the credibility of legitimate mental health professionals who put the well-being of the individual above all other values.

This despicable crime must be both corrected and avenged.

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I have been in that magnificent room in Petrodvorets (Peter the Great's Summer Palace) in the spring of 1974 during a tour of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and Moscow. I was with a group from the Washington, DC area including several from my singles group from 4th Presbyterian Church in Bethesda.

It was interesting to observe first hand what I had learned about Marxism/Lenin/USSR in my high school Problems of Democracy class in the early 1960's. The Intourist leader in Leningrad talked about the beautiful buildings which had been destroyed during WWII. They had been rebuilt, but were empty inside and referred to by her as "architectural monuments."

What soon became obvious what that the people were similar. They were a façade with nothing going on behind the eyes. Just like the buildings....nothing behind the windows. You did not see people talking w/ each other for fear of who might observe. The radio could not be turned off in the hotel room.....the volume just turned down.

I am not surprised at what happened after the fall of the USSR. You had 70 years of no faith allowed and children raised w/o such moorings.

Now we are seeing the same results here. Do you think that the removal of prayer and the 10 Commandments from school did not send a message that such activity was somehow wrong and not allowed? Then the Roe vs. Wade decision and its aftermath sent the message that life was of no/little importance. AND you could get rid of things which were inconvenient: life, speech, thoughts, etc.

It is a case of cause and effect. We are reaping what has been sowed. Every day, I thank the Lord for my parents, my up-bringing, and the moral compass they instilled in me and my older brothers.

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Super-great read! It reminds me of a quote from Blaise Pascal:

“If he exalts himself, I humble him.

If he humbles himself, I exalt him.

And I go on contradicting him

Until he understands that he is a

monster that passes all understanding.”

Praying all Americans will awaken & recognize the “golden yrs” of DJT’s economy in comparison to Biden’s disastrous-driven, deliberate collapse. Maybe a strong dose of smelling salts to wake up all who are under the spell of the

mass psychosis is in order.

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Fantastic content. Thank you!

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Very well written article

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“In the day I cried out YOU made me bold with strength in my soul.” Psalm 138:3

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Excellent article. Thank you, from a nurse who knows the truth...

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Well written. It’s as if we patriots exist in the parallel structure. We watch the destruction of minds through a thick tinted distorted glass window trying to signal to the ones captured. They see us but can’t fully make out our messages. And they understand us to be on the other side captured and controlled. Slow process.

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Great to see you here, Justin. I've followed you for a long time at StillnessInTheStorm for years after Robert David Steele linked to your site. Great series on societal mass insanity. I like how you handle Fulford's weekly posts at Stillness.

Two things: I was working with Robert on a big issue for which he was going to give me access to phibetaioata.net to expose, and it was something in which he was very interested. Below is a post I did for RDS not related to the much larger issue he wanted to explore, and expose. That issue has a really esoteric connection related, oddly enough, to numerous, prominent, multi-billionaires, and Native American spirituality known as the Path of Souls. Unfortunately RDS died before we could settle down into the issue which we planned to do when he returned from his national tour. If you might be interested in exploring the issue it would require some conversation as it's very complex. George Webb was looking to expose this issue but he couldn't. Again, there's a great deal to this

Also, below, is a brief acknowledgement by the ChiicagoTribune editorial board of who I am. I'm under 42nd Ward when I took on the Mob in Chicago. I have lots of personal eperience with high level political people, and industry like Rich Daley, Rahm Emanuel, Don Rumsfeld, Big Pharma, federal legal issues, etc.



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Nice work Patriot.

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