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You wrote: "Since the dawn of human civilization, self-serving individuals have had a tendency to gravitate towards the various levers of power in a society, chief among them being the governmental and religious institutions of any given culture." ---- Exactly correct. And this is a massive key in just how this whole shit show has progressed over the centuries.

First, to your point above: Every ancient culture in the Middle East in particular was infiltrated by an ancient culture of "wanderers." Consisting of up to 12 Tribes; these were called Šagašu in ancient Sumerian, meaning Trespassers. In Egypt, the tribes were called Habiru (Hebrew), if you can read the original Hieroglyphs like I can, Ipuwer describes them as Usurpers. Later the Greeks refer to them as Hyksos. They were ingratiating themselves into the social order, hijacking cultural ideas, gaining ever more access to higher authority. The rulers of these people were called the Heka Khasut. The whole story of the Old Testament regarding the Exodus was a Story inversion. The King of Egypt was trying to drive these Habiru out of Egypt, he was never trying to keep them as slaves.

Second point that is more commonly known is:

Those who are inside the control system of the Global Cabal are NOT Jews at all; they are Sabbatean Frankists. George Soros is NOT a Jew it doesn't matter if he claims to be, I don't go along with any Bloodline designations, these cretins have always "Claimed" to be "Special" or "Chosen of God." There is nobody anywhere who is not Chosen of God -- Goyim do not exist. Nobody is Inferior and Nobody is Superior. It's really sad to see so many "Conservatives" who are blind cuckolds to this Ideology. Now the part that most people would disagree with me on:

Third point; the real origination of this BS called Semitic or Antisemitic has always been a propaganda tool.

Theodore Herzl wrote in 1897 during the first Zionist Congress, "Zionism was created to be as Antisemitic as Possible." Also, the true origin of the term Semitic comes from Shemite or the house of Shem; where Noah was said to have cursed Cain (as in Canaanites) and his descendants to be slaves to the house of Shem. This whole business of Masters and Slaves has been an attempt to legitimize the Arbitrary system of Hierarchy which is abhorrent to Human Nature. There is a natural Competitive Hierarchy based off of Merit. Merit is what our "American Culture" has in it, our Corporate Government has been trying to overwrite that, using propaganda and Legal Fiction.

Final point: Israel is an abomination and an occupying power, based off the the accumulated Fraud and Falsehoods to be found in the Abrahamic Triangle of Insanity.

The system of Government we have has inherited a specific power structure from the Scythian / Khazarian Double Headed Heraldry: One shall Govern in Front, while another Rules from Behind. Our Republic "Governs in front, while the Privately owned Corporate Franchises Rule from Behind. The system in Corporations globally are a "Democracy" existing between Stakeholders only and it excludes all of us. All we must do is revoke Consent to be Governed.

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Ryan, you’ve done an admirable job of showing us the current known facts of this conflict. I have had questions since this started; in fact, sooner than this as different writers provided excellent information regarding the history that involved Russia and the European countries. All of this reading left me questioning the true purpose of the Holocaust and the establishment of the state of Israel. The purpose of Israel is likely not what we were told. The ideology of various forms of totalitarianism apparently originated in Prussia during Fedrerick I’s reign, after the Khazarians were kicked out of Russia following adopting Judaism, but did not change their thieving, etc. ways. (Shout out to Will Zoll for meticulously researching this period.). The Nazi ideology was created here and Kiev was the most important place early on….eventually gravitating to Berlin. So, is anyone surprised there are Nazis in Ukraine?

My thoughts following reading this over the past couple of years and having studied the royalties of Europe previously, is that the primary purpose of the Israel state was to fulfill the Khazarian goal first, and later Prussian goal, which was a permanent state from where to begin the framework for the world government. The court of King Frederick specialized in spying to gain advantage and was a proponent of keeping the true government goals and machinations in the shadows.

I also consider that post WWII, it was obvious that the US (DC) was a better place to move the Nazis (Prussian) headquarters. By operating in the shadows here, they could achieve their two fold goals: 1) destroy the free US and 2) set up the world government in the shadows. This also coincides with the 3 primary spy agencies, CIA, MI6and Mossad.

There is a John’s Hopkins University Jewish scientist’s study that showed less than 3% of Israel’s Jews are descended from King David, whereby more than 70% of Palestinians are.


Your questions:

Should American Jews be granted unique privileges and protections? And if so, would this special treatment further fuel anti-Semitism?

No, they should not be given priority privileges over other groups. This only establishes a new feudal system of elites and serfs.

How much control does Israel, particularly the MOSSAD, really exert over American politics?

Well, if one considers that DC is the seat of the Nazis operating in the shadows, then it is extremely easy to see the buildup of federal bureaucracy, the decisions over the last 70 years that are not beneficial to the American citizens, the Fed and endless wars (with no winners), the destruction of the family unit and the path to totalitarianism. A good percentage of Congress has dual US/Israeli citizenship and this alone shows how Israel obtained favored status as well as the 5-eye agreement of the spy/intelligence agencies. Then one must consider that the world’s media is also headed by Zionists who want serfs to obey their masters.

Ryan, once again you’ve presented the best way to observe the world’s changing situation…with a neutral approach. You are right to question. God bless you.🙏🇺🇸🙏

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Excellent post, ALtab. The more one looks into all this, the more it is clear that Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest of it is all just different sides of the same multi-sided coin. Rotten to the core, to the detriment of their peoples. Just like here, in Britain, and likely most anywhere else where there is a hint of what we've been taught to call 'civilization.'

Ryan's earlier post 'War Pigs' from last Oct 30 is also excellent, if you've not read it (Ryan also links it above):


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Yes, it’s excellent as well. He’s very clear-headed.

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for what it's worth, the "study" of Elhaik has long been disproven as banana oil; he made up numbers, he's not a geneticist (he's a genetic "statistician"--computer modeling) but he sure had an agenda. HOWEVER David Duke who hates all Jews as his metier -- an' who set out ta PROVE them as having zero DNA that's connected with Israel--to his shock and disappointment found no less than 12 studies proving Elhaik wrong. He disproved his own wishful thinkin' but at least he had the decency to admit his error. links below-- FYI:



RESULT of all 12 studies (my recall is fairly close)-- 77% of all Ashkenazi Jews have DNA that traces directly back to Abrahamic lines on the Father's Side. 95% of Mizrahi Jews + Sephardic Jews have that same Father's-side DNA. Direct line to ancient Israel. Only 20% of all Jews livin' in Israel are Ashkenazi, the rest are Mizrahi + Sephardic. So that means 80% of Jews living in Israel have 95% of their Father's line DNA tracing back to Ancient Israel. Secular or Observant--makes no diff. The Mizrahi/Sephardim also have, separately, ancient jewish DNA on the Mother's line. The Ashkenazis are also related to each other on the mother's line but that's a German line--but again 77% have that father's DNA. Adding too that this Jewish DNA is not the same as that of the Arab DNA. There is no "Palestinian" DNA--the DNA of those in Palestine is Arab DNA, no different from Egyptian, Jordanian, etc. Yes it's ancient too. Jewish DNA is unique to Jews but not the same as Arab DNA.

"Wuther 'r not" people think that DNA connected with the history of a land and of a people "matters" is a' nuther argument entirely. I just don't like to see disproven studies cited as current factual evidence.

FWIW while DNA is the topic--no Jews have "Khazarian" DNA--Koestler wuz a "spook" and made up the whole theory from whole cloth. He thought it was a good idea--I think he was paid to think it wuz a good idea. He also had a "chip on his shoulder" against Israel--brilliant man but he couldn't master the language and could not keep his post there. Book came after being "ejected." So yes, there were some Jews in an area known as "Khazaria" for a short time though evidence is very scanty--this, apart from others who were Turkish and converted to Judaism, also scanty proof and also for a short time--entire Khazarian society lasted about 300 years and "Jewish" presence seems to have lasted less than 200 years. NO Ottoman /Turkish DNA exists at all in any Jews tested in Israel or in the diaspora. "Non Detect." No evidence of Jewish life in "Khazaria" remains (artifacts, buildings, documents etc). The Yiddish language is Hebrew & German with a little Russian--not Khazarian at all.

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You may be absolutely correct. I’m not a scholar. This entire subject is very convoluted and it’s difficult to determine the truth. Something, however, is very wrong in this region and Israel and their partners in our government are closely connected. I saw no articles debunking the study when I was looking for answers. Blessings.🙏

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it's hard ta find "real" info now--much of this is intended, sorry ta say--all search engines are gettin' worse--I'd found that a while back 'else it'd be lost.. "The bottom line is indeed, what's goin' on behind the scenes is very wrong an' lives are bein' lost an' we all feel helpless--in all these nations--here an' in the Middle East--the ordinary citizens are kept in the dark... an' blessin's bake yer way too!

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Yes, I had read the Khazarians were only a couple hundred years….they did go to what eventually became Prussia. Thank you for all the additional information as it’s never my intention to mislead people. God bless you.

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Wow! What a great comment! Thank you, ALtab ❤️🙏

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I'm Jewish, and my "red pill" moment was not long after 9/11, when my college campus hosted vicious anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rallies that smeared Israel with insane lies, including blaming Israel for 9/11. They claimed to be only anti-Israel, not anti-Jewish, but protested our Succah on Succoth, so make what that what you will.

On the other hand, I was very despirited when Israel led the world in the insane Covid lockdowns and vaccinations. I made a joke then that there was no longer any Israel, nor a United States, a Britain, a Canada, or an Australia. All were just different regional offices of Pfeizer.

10/7, though, regalvanized by support for Israel because -- as the Haggadah says to us -- every generation they rise to destroy us.

Immediately the Hamas supporters screamed "Genocide" from the very beginning. Few showed any empathy about 10/7 then or now. And when acknowledged, they usually some sort rationalization that it was just and proper -- because 1948 -- when Israel was founded.

They failed to destroy us then, and that was their great Nakba.

On the other hand, I am 100% familiar with your analysis of the tactic of the Left in order to neutralize all debate and questioning pre-emptively by attacking the character of the person asking the questions.

Should BLM be ripping up our cities? Shut up, that question is racist.

Did we really need to redefine marriage? Shut up, that question is homophobic.

Is it possible women are happier with children than a childless career? Shut up, that question is sexist.

Is it appropriate for drag queens to read to children? Shut up, that question is transphobic.

Should we be building a mosque on the wreckage of Ground Zero? Shut up, that question is Islamophobic.

And of course, should we question the motivations of George Soros? Shut up, that question is anti-Semitic. Even my own, liberal parents used that zinger on me.

But who is George Soros? Is he a great, patriotic Jew? Did he work hard to save his fellow Jews from the Nazis in World War 2? Is he a close friend to Israel?

None of the above.

His Judaism is ethnic, and as far as I know, not characterized by any observance or belief.

He betrayed his fellow Jews to the Nazis. You could say he had no choice, but he did not even seem remorseful.

He has been hostile to Israel for as long as I've known.

And he seems hostile to all established governments, as if he wants to topple them for the opportunity that provides. As Littlefinger said "Chaos is a ladder."

So protecting him from Anti-Semitism?

While Chaya Raichik gets raked over the coals?

That is the same deflection.

So no, I do not value the charge of anti-Semitism to chastize those such as George Soros.

Not do I want Congress's ill advised idea to use anti-Semitism as an excuse to limit the first amendment. I find such an act as repulsive as you do.

But here is the thing: When I was a student all those years ago, I WANTED to dialogue with the pro Palestinian students. I INVITED them to help us set up and event. "you bring a speaker, we'll bring a speaker, they'll debate."

They declined all such events. All of them. One of our members said their stipulations included "We'll only debate you if you agree prior that Israel has no right to exist and you murder our people out of hatred."

yeah sure we will.

Do we need Congress to pass new laws to stop, say, the Pro-Hamas brown shirts plaguing our campuses?

No, but those thugs are going to serve the same purpose in the summer of 2024 as Blantifa did in 2020.

I'm sure vandalizing property is a crime. I'm sure trespassing is a crime. I'm sure harassing students (Jewish and not Jewish) on campus and preventing their free movement is a crime. So there's plenty of reasons to shut them down, as long as the motivation was there. (Which, because college presidents are cowardly, it most certainly is not).

As to Israel and Gaza itself....

I trust almost nothing Hamas says. That's a given.

Urban conflict is a nasty business, and always results in civilian casualties. The ratio is often very bad.

Bibi claims the ratio, because of Israel's "knock first" method of bombs, warning civilians, dropping leaflets, is very low.

Of course, that's Bibi. Naturally he would say that.

Hamas and their supporters claims its total bombing, indiscriminate, the thing they would love to do to Israel if they had the chance.

Of course, that's Hamas. Naturally they would say that.

Did Israel permit 10/7 to happen in order to justify a land grab in Gaza? I doubt it. I mean, I heard of Kennedy and Operation Northwoods. I heard Bush permitted 9/11 to justify war against Iraq and Afghanistan. I heard Roosevelt permitted Pearl Harbor to justify joining WW2. I can't say for sure, of course.

Could they go easier on this response? Perhaps, but I am not in the IDF or privy to their strategy plans.

Is it a genocide? I think its urban conflict. If it was a genocide, Hamas would say it was a genocide. If it wasn't a genocide, Hamas would still say it was a genocide because their strategy is to isolate Israel internationally, so they would go for the shock value as much as they can.

Hell, that's why they hide behind civilians. No doubt about that. More civilian deaths = more propaganda chits for Hamas to play with.

Do Israel and US need strong ties?

I don't know.

My Rabbi -- a Chabadic Rabbi -- says we should pray for Israel to be free and independent.

I asked if he feels it is independent now. No, not at all. Bibi has please the United States.

My guess is the powers that be want the Israel-Arab conflict to stay at a nice, steady burn that flare up every so often. But no permanent solution.

Again, can't know for sure.

If USA abandoned support to Israel, what would Israel do? Disappear? Not without a fight. Look for a patron in Russia or China? I could see that as a possibility.

But I'll agree with you on this: I value more discussion, not less. Soros is scum, the congressional bill is insane. And the reason I hold the Palestine advocates in low regard is their rationalization for terrorism and their refusal -- even all those years ago -- to engage in civil dialogue.

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Lots of ancient, probably some correct and some made up, history surrounding this present day conundrum, to put it mildly. To say I understand it all and support this side or that would be a bald faced lie. I’m thoroughly convinced that the only entity(which is diminishing to say the least) that knows all and sees all, even the minute little details of it all, is the Creator, the true God, of it All. My hope, maybe your hope, is the current force which is in the most control, and with the Grace of God, currently has the wisdom and the foresight to move us forward, whether in America, abroad, and the World, maybe even beyond that. And maybe also, along the way, we get some real undisputed answers to most, probably not all because non of us are God. Oh the mystery of His works is truly amazing. God Bless!!!

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Great work Ryan!!

My simple observation is that you successfully navigated the minefield...but I suggest you were peeking!!

Seriously though (and I know I sound reductive) the development of nations was originated by the system of systems, referred to as "Babylon" in the Revelation. A means of creating the divisiveness that breeds war.

In history God selected Abram so that all nations of the earth could/would be blessed. Then when the sons of Jacob arrived at the mountain of God after their Exodus, His first intent was to make them a kingdom of priests and a blessing to all of the inhabited earth. Even back to Adam, the intent was that the whole earth would be the garden of God.

That this has yet to occur is solely because Mankind could not share Eternity (even the part of eternity that includes time) with God without first choosing to exalt Him above their own desires - the dilemma of being made in His Image and Likeness. Adam chose to do otherwise - as have we all, like sheep who have gone astray. Over the Ages of God, those who have chosen well (by His mercy, even those who did so before Christ) have still been subject to those who refuse Him.

As Daniel learned from Gabriel - there is an appointed time of the end of God's patience - and that at the appointed time many (though John makes it "all") will be resurrected from the dust to experience the fulfillment of His plan.

In the meantime, praying for peace on earth begins with giving Glory to God Most High (as Melchizedek titled Him).

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Great article, Ryan. So much information is hidden from us. However, the more I read about the deep state operates, the easier it is to recognize their playbook. I think that the hidden hand of Israel exerts a significant control in the US. It is all manipulation by the deep state.

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I have information regarding the intelligence failure on the part of the Israeli Defense Intelligence Establishment. The head of IDF defense intelligence, Aharon Haliva, was given very good, clear, actionable intelligence on Hamas's preparations. Not only did he refuse to act on it, but when the Intelligence officer was upset that he did not act on it, he threatened to court martial her. It is also well known in Israel that Haliva and his wife were very active in the anti-Netanyahu demonstrations.

The Biden Administration has been working behind the scenes to overthrow the Netanyahu government the minute he became Prime Minister. Netanyahu de-colonized the Israeli government from the progressive left in the US and since that time the progressives whether they be Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Biden, have done all in their power to damage his political career.

It is also important to understand that US policy has been pro-Iranian since 1979, if not before. CENTCOM was established to protect Iran. While on the surface, all US Presidents talk about their support for Israel, the fact is, the actual US policy is to undermine Israel and to try to make sure Iran has hegemony over the Middle East. The purpose is to make sure there is always war in the Middle East. A historian named Fransisco Gil-White has done excellent work on the history of the Palestinian movement, the history of Israel, and the history of US-Israel relations. His substack is called Management of Reality

George Bush Sr. created Hamas, and put Hamas under the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The purpose of the Oslo Peace Accord was to make sure that Iranian proxies (the PLO and Hamas) were inside of Israel, ready to attack at any time. The PA is a corrupt group of people who do nothing for their people but encourage them to become martyrs by killing as many Jews as possible. They teach this to children from kindergarten on. The PLO or the PA currently reside on the high ground of the West Bank. Hamas was voted into power and has widespread support amongst Palestinians, even though they shoot people who they don't agree with. They are shooting people who are attempting to get food aid from the trucks.

As far as judging Israel's battlefield ethics, I think there are articles that point out that the rate of civilian casualties by the IDF is extremely low in fact, the lowest of any army on earth. If you look up articles about or by Colonel Kemp, he has analyzed the statistics. What you need to know is that Hamas hides themselves behind their people. They use all their people as human shields. For Israel to carry on a war with a group that uses their own people as human shields and still have the lowest civilian casualty rate of any army on earth really tells you something about the IDF.

Most of what is available in the US in terms of news is anti-Israel. If you want to balance your research, try going to some news sites in Israel, such as JNS.org, JPost, Israel national news, Israel Hayom or Israpundit.org (a news and discussion website)

I agree that Israel should cut the cord: Israel for her own reasons should be militarily independent from the United States. I believe this is starting to happen already, given what Biden did in the midst of a war of annihilation for Israel. Israel suffered the worst attack since the Holocaust, with babies being thrown in ovens in front of their parents, women being raped and tortured, the elderly and infants being taken hostage.

You should have the right to criticize the policies of Israel, you should have the right to criticize individual Jews. It only becomes antisemitic when you hold Israel or Jews to a standard that you don't hold other countries or other people to. For example, at the UN, Israel is routinely under attack while Iran, North Korea, and other totalitarian states are never attacked. This is a double standard: the definition of prejudice. I am Jewish and I am open to hearing criticism of individual Jews or of the State of Israel, I am open to hearing criticism of me. None of that is antisemitic unless you hold Jews or Israel to a standard no other people or country can meet.

I too have noticed a great deal of antisemitic stuff online and this has actually worried me. But I also wondered, as you did, whether or not it was a PSYOP. I guess the goal is to make Jews feel scared. Jews are feeling scared around the world because of Islamic terrorism.

I do not feel Jews are given any special treatment in the US. Jews in the US have worked hard to accomplish what they have. When my parents were growing up there was a great deal of open prejudice against Jews in the US. For instance it was difficult for Jews who were lawyers to be accepted into law firms because they were Jewish. It was difficult to be accepted into elite universities for the same reason. Jews were discriminated against in terms of buying homes in some suburb communities, although it was done covertly. Such was the stigma of being Jewish that girls often had cosmetic surgery to change the shape of their noses. Also because of the stigma some Jews became unaffiliated with synagogues and religious life. It is hard to believe anyone could actually think Jews are given some kind of special privileges in America. If you have evidence that this is the truth, it is important to present it. I have never experienced any special anything. I worked hard my entire life, not just to become a doctor, but also to learn about and face up to my own personal issues and change things about myself that needed changing.

Usually Jews are blamed for having dual loyalties, to both the US and Israel. First of all that isn't true for all Jews, second of all, it is prejudiced to say "all Jews are _____________. " Third, many Americans of ethnic heritage are proud of their heritage in other countries but that does not make them disloyal Americans.

Thank you so much for exploring all these issues with honesty.

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Maybe just maybe the whole Oct 7 thing was purposefully staged to obtain a greater prize, despite there were Israelis lives snuffed out by Israel itself? Nothing should surprise us at this point

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Thanks for answering a question I’ve had since 10/7! I knew that the attacks had to have been foreknown, but not by Netanyahu. I also knew that our potato-in-chief would try to undermine his government.

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I enjoyed the article. I was hoping you would touch on the fact that a seemingly impenetrable boarder was so easily breached. Mossad/C_A open it up?

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" If being critical of certain actions taken by the State of Israel is anti-Semitic, am I also anti-American for being critical of the United States government?"

Yes, that is the crucial observation and question. The media and our rulers lie when they equate the systems involved. The Israeli government is not the Israeli people. The Israeli people are not the Jewish people. The American people are not the U.S. government.

Governments fool us into supporting what our rulers do by saying that the government is the people. It isn't. We the people are not the rulers. The rulers are. the rulers And they the rulers are the people causing the problems.

Do the Israeli people, or the Jews of the world, want to kill Palestinians? I doubt it. They probably just want to live their lives and mind their own business. But the rulers, the governments, who always want more power and control, will not allow that.

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While this is a well documented essay, there are several keys that are almost always overlooked and not discussed concerning Israel.

First we call ourselves a Judeo Christian country, but that couldnt be further from the truth.

The founding fathers which established and laid out Washington DC did so pleasing the dark occultists and were Free Masons are semi secret society that has outposts world wide controlling centers of power along with domestic Jewry.

So more accurately though on opposing opposite ends of the religious spectrum, we are a Masonic Christian nation but the Christian part, once feared beginning with the black robed regiment is fast crumbling.

Kudos to this essay mentioning the concept of the fairly recent term "antisemitic" once meaning those that hated the jews without a good cause now means those that Israel or the jews in general don't like or hate - which is practically everyone who is not them nor jewish. The term has been long weaponized, like "nazi", "homophobe" etc.

Taking a quote from former Israeli MP Shulamit Aloni on "antisemitismi: "It's a trick we will always use to stifle legitimate criticism of jews and Zionism."

Trouble is there is no "jew" presently alive who can prove they are truly from one of the 12 tribes of Jacob because a Herod destroyed all of the birth records of Hebrew Israelites around the time of the razing destruction of the 2nd temple. Fact.

Also there is heavy proof that the Azkenaz "jews" of europe and now modern Israel are direct decendents of Khazarians from what is now the Ukraine and southern Russia areas and not bonafide Hebrews but phony transplants.

What about others around the world like the Sephardic or Ethopians that lay claim to jewry? Arent some other Middle Eastern peoples not Arab nor muslim but Jewish too? Perhaps those Palestinians that are being liqidated at this moment?

Israeli jews are by and large atheistic, and those like Netanyahu who lay claim that those in Gaza are a certain peoples that God told ancient Israel to destroy is maximum hypocrisy. These jews are not religious im the least except the Orthodox which are a tiny minority and practice ancient Judaism - minus the now outmoded temple.

Third temple coming or not, Yeshua (Jesus) a true Jew directly implied He is the final "Lamb of God" , the final temple and He was to be the final sacrifice once for all time." Now the practice of ancient Judaism has been surpassed for 2000 years!

Jews by and large still do NOT recognize Him as the King Messiah but instead work extra hard to pass "antisemitic" laws because they will forever be the victim, practicing a form of religious fervor but denying the true source of the power thereof - Yeshua ha Moshiach!

"Crucify Him!" screamed the ancient Israeli Jews "His Blood be upon us and our children!" " Release to us (the convicted criminal) Barabbas!"

Yeshua was quick and concise in His condemnation of these "religious pretenders and hypocrites" in the gospel of John chaper 8, I believe if correct, and in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 where He clearly calls them all out as "those that say they are jews but are not" and "are rather jews of the Synagogue of Satan."

JINOs. All false Jews In Name Only!

And we see a majority of them today pretending they are boss of us all.

Israel is not our ally and never has been.

"We will completely suck dry America of its wealth and power and it will blow away with a strong wind!" - Benjamin Netanyahu

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Isra-Hell has NEVER been anyone's ally. The "nation" was a monstrosity from inception and the US and UK, in particular, will pay a very steep price for creating and enabling decades of wickedness. Indeed, the price is that we've allowed ourselves to become filthy and degraded, too.

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I agree that one should be able to criticize the government of Israel over its policies the way you can criticize other governments, and that one should be able (without being called antisemitic) to criticize individual Jews.

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Did these 'just war' doctrines prevent the Allies from incinerating Dresden? And how about Nuclear war? How could such limits ever be maintained under that scenario?

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Badlands confuses me in being all over the spectrum while providing at times useful information. My 3 questions for you:

1.Is Ukraine worthy of US financial support?

2. Should southern border illegals receive special status?

3. How much control do anti-semites have over Badlands?

Any analyst aware of Iran knows how useful the IDF and Mossad is for US interests.

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1) No. It was never about supporting Ukraine anyway, it's about draining US coffers. 2) Absolutely not 3) LOL!!

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That's a good point to bring up Ryan. If I were the policy maker in Israel, could criticism levied against me be labeled Anti Episcopalianism? Resist temptation to conflate Religion with Statecraft, fostered by MSM and Israel.

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The fact the left was suddenly promoting Palestine and Jew hatred after decades of silence, and that these protests are all equipped with the same signage, graphics and flags, and the fact that these materials are simply sitting there before the protestors even arrive is clear confirmation that the effort is staged and centrally organized and supported. Many have claimed it's being funded through a charity that is 100% backed by Soros, and I've seen no reason to doubt this.

Coupled with the latest attempts to lock out TikTok and codify online censorship laws, it's clear to me that this ruse is designed to garner support for actual online censorship with consequences. Clearly if American Jews are harmed by any of these protestors, it's a relatively simple thing to convince the American public that any online antisemitism must be prevented which then leads to laws and fines and jail time for posting or discussing anything considered Antisemitic, which has at this point become a joke because you can be fingered for antisemitism as easily as conspiracy theorist.

All of this adds up far too conveniently for loaded blind support of Israel.

1) The Greater Israel project has been on the books for what, 2+ decades now. And, Israel has been constant in its efforts to expand its territory.

2) 10/7 is Israel's 9/11, in every way. If you've studied 9/11, then you know it is rotten from the core of the tree to every apple that's fallen from it since. 10/7 is the same thing.

3) Fomenting hatred of Jews on American soil psychologically softens resistance in passing new speech laws to "stop antisemitism" which then enables

4) Israel to open season on any Palestinian without resistance from the American public who will be fined and arrested for criticizing Israel for it's efforts in imperial expansion.

It's all far too convenient. Netanyahoo salivates at the prospect of leveling more of Palestine just as he always has the numerous times these events have occurred over the years. Before this, Hamas had fired rockets indiscriminately into Israel, harming almost no one because the iron dome shot down almost every giant bottle rocket sent, and in retaliation, Netanyahoo literally leveled entire city blocks. It was outrageous, but also totally consistent. This is no different.

But, by using the useful idiots of the left to lash out violently against Jews here at home, the puppet masters earnest hope is that they convince Americans to ban posts like yours and comments like mine backed up, aside now said twice, by law, fines, and jailtime.

It's really that basic and obvious.

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