Very interesting topic Ashe! Now I want to check out Spaces! Thank you!

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It’s nice your connecting to people with various topics on space twitter. Unfortunately I have never been a twitter fan. Musk also was allowing warnings to go out about using comments that hurt....like calling someone a bitch. But after reading your positive take about twitter I must admit I will try space , maybe . The only negative thing I have to say about your piece today is that I find it incredibly frustrating to hear radio talk, podcast talk, you tube talk bitchut talk, on and on...and now SUBSTACK written words.

Quite honestly it seems to do NOTHING. The stage we are currently living in is in complete free fall. What good is talking and yet accomplishing NOTHING. Where are the changes in our world? I dont see anyone anywhere organizing and fighting in real ways. The machine is so huge, so powerful, so hidden, so dangerous. We are so small, so afraid, so unorganized, so traumatized, so useless in the face of true fascism and hidden communism that they are winning without really giving a shit about us. Not one thing since trump was forbidden to be president of our country... All he was trying to do was lost..to great extent...an extremely demoralizing to good citizens in this country. I am leaving most of my SUBSTACK subscriptions. I am keeping some positive ones like yours, Burning Bright and Crispin Miller two others. But as time goes on I am wondering how much of SUBSTACK is just another --PSYOP.

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So enjoyable. Love your writing🤪

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Personally, I do not find the shape of Earth important nor understand why that focus is put first, especially now. I have no way to prove what shape it is, or even if we aren't in a simulation, even. We have been dealing with parasitical evil entities for 1000s of years. We are in End Game. That is all I find important to deal with at this point. The "rest" can wait until this all has finally been settled & the parasites defeated, & they will be, before we put any thought into the shape of this realm. Though, right now, I am leaning towards the Borg's cube. laughing...

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Ty for this! I was unaware of many of these and have to admit I have not used spaces before, mostly due to my lack of knowledge and concern of regime agencies. However, your insight here has made me want to jump in! Lol! New follower here for you now! Ty again and Be Blessed!

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I love freedom. Real freedom is on the precipice of chaos.

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Wow! Inspiring demonstration of Red Pill Sovereignty in action. Morpheus Hi5!

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Firmament: What does it mean? The language and context do not support the notion that the firmament is a dome structure.

When there are mutually exclusive senses of a word, we cannot cherry pick one sense (a vaulted ceiling, dome, that supports and IS the pinnical of the structure) when the other usage (expanse, space) makes more sense in the context.


raqia: an extended surface, expanse

1 (flat) expanse (as if of ice, compare כְּעֵין הַקֶּרַח), as base, support

2 the vault of heaven, or 'firmament,' regarded by Hebrews as solid, and supporting 'waters' above it.

Genesis 1:14,20

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.

"waters above"


'water' is literal and not a figurative 'ocean' (e.g. the vast ocean of space)


The waters above are the water-bearing clouds.

Therefore the 'firmament' is the atmosphere, which supports the clouds (waters above).

Therefore 'solid expanse' refers to solid (3D) geometry (volume) and not a surface.

The firmament as an expanse extends beyond the atmosphere as it is the 'vault' of the heavens (the stars and planets that 'divides day from night' (the rotation of the earth) and the seasons (planets and constellations). The ultimate meaning of 'expanse' is the infinite expanse of outer space, the universe.


Sorry to hear of your rude experiences with 'globers.' I have met with exclusively the same with 'flatlanders.' I hope you will see that an exception to the rule is my essay, in which anyone can prove to themselves the truth of the matter, in a number of practical and affordable ways -- and leave no doubt.

For the record, I have extended this list of experiments -- including offers to buy them a Starlink terminal -- to many flat earth podcasters. To date no one has taken the challenge.

Draw your own conclusions.


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Nice article, but you lost me with the flat earth stuff. I realize we’ve been told a bunch of lies, and no I can’t “prove” the global earth (no need to, planets are round, sacred geometry), but FE is a ridiculous theory that defies the laws of physics and I think is a psy op inserted to discredit the truth movement.

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Wow! Your writing energized me! I loved it!!!!

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This is a rather bitter pill for those of us who are STILL banned from twitter.

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Dios les bendiga en nombre de nuestro señor jesucristo que está vivo

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Jaja 😹 gracias buen texto

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Excellent article. I'm sending it around to our peeps that may not be aware of SPACES or are struggling to understand it's use.

Again, many thanks for the article, please keep bringing us your insights and comments on SPACES.

You're definitely a BADASS BADLANDER.

Ps. Ciao Jon, Patrick, Kate, JH, BB, CP, BG, RPN and all.


V 🌴 Chairman,



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I haven't used Spaces nor any service like it. Call me an old school blogger. But your Thanks to Elon for Twitter allowing people a place to speak to one another without fear of left-wing-gestapo retribution is on point! That is what Social Media all over the place used to be. The Woke-Thought-Police successfully took that away from everyone when Hillary lost. Twitter had allowed Trump a voice that they could not stop. Well, they stopped it. And had the media, big tech and the Government goons to enforce it. Need to continuously remind them about what Freedom of Speech actually means. I may not like what other people may be saying, but I will fight for their right to say it.

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Great piece! I might try out Twitter again. Oh and the shape matters, it matters a lot. It truly shows how every one of us have been deceived and the lenghts some will go to to continue the deception. You got to unlearn everything you think you know and start fresh. Trust your own senses and observations. Can you feel the earth move? Do you see the sun move across your perspective everyday? Density and buoyancy explain a lot. No need for voodoo magic gravity, science fiction garbage they have filled your grey matter with from an early age. They don't like you questioning the narrative.

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