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Who would believe that the Rothschilds, Bauers, and other Uber powerful, wealthy families own estates in largely, poor, substantially black Racine, Wisconsin? They're all friends with the billionaire SC Johnson family of globalists.

Does anyone know that in 1959 the SC Johnson billionaire family's Johnson Foundation began hosting private high level meetings about China in Racine, WI?


The Johnson family is apparently into multigenerational sexual abuse of children as one of its scions was convicted of sexually abusing his step daughter. Yes, so that's how it is in that family to use a line form Ferris Bueler's Day Off. It's like that in all these Satanic families like the Cheneys, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Biden Crime Families.


Racine is ground zero for the eternal enslavement plan for humanity. It's also a major child trafficking hub with a private international airport,, a private harbor on Lake Michigan, a nearby military base across the border of Illinois, and weird connections to the Finger Lakes, NY region tattooed on Hunter Biden's back, and genetics labs called Biota, and the Mason Lab affiliated with CIA hub Cornell University, a university from which many of the Johnsons graduated, and to which they donate big money. Cornell is BIG into hotels and hospitality which is a critical industry, just ask Tom Pritzker of Hyatt Hotels, for child trafficking. Kosher Nostra Tom wasn't going to Epstein's Island to play tennis, unless that was a pseudonym for a twelve year old. He's a sick fuck.


The late U.S. Senator from MN, Paul Wellstone, and George Webb's sidekick, Jenny Moore, were murdered for poking their noses into what is taking place in Racine. George won't talk about Racine. He did say he met Jesus in Racine. Wow, what in heaven or on earth could that possibly mean?

Trump said he saw the eighth wonder of the world in Racine, WI. That statement should horrify humanity.


Trump was referring to a new Foxconn plant being built to supposedly manufacture high tech screens in the middle of nowhere. Yet, not one screen has ever rolled off the docks at the plant. The negotiations, begun under Koch Brothers' lackey former WI Governor, Scott Walker, to build this plant in the middle of nowhere were beyond bizarre. The patriarch of the demented Koch brothers, one of whom is alleged to be a sexual deviant, made his fortune doing business with Stalin. Speaking of bizarre, ever wonder why Paul Ryan stepped down at the height of his power? He represented a district that included Racine.

Foxconn is substantially a Chinese Communist Party tool despite being in Taiwan. No politician or media person will touch the subject of Racine, WI and Shenzhen, China.

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This was extremely informative and detailed....this is what we need to educate ourselves and others in this 'war' that we are in....arming ourselves with the truth...thank you!

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Revealing treatment.

It is also a testament to the (evil?) genius of these CFR founders that roughly the same crew recruited Henry Luce to launch Time Magazine in the same period.

Time Magazine, of course, became the quintessential propaganda outlet used to frame the security needs of this cabal in terms of “American Interests” for more than a century.

Time brilliantly molded the American zeitgeist, and public opinion, in countless visual, cultural and memetic contexts lasting multiple generations.

Time, in a sense, WAS America for, and to, the rest of the world for most of the 20th century.

Look forward to future installments.

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I am glad to see finally the CFR being called out. They are the enemy of the American Constitution.

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Perfect photo for this piece! Pulling the curtain back to reveal the weak, pathetic men and women behind it.

CFR even tells us how they they use linguistic sorcery for psychological manipulations:

Behavioral Insights Into Policymaking

Council on Foreign Relations, April 18, 2017


They are even so kind as to let us know this disclaimer about what they can and can't say about psychological manipulations on the record. Despite the fact they are withholding info, a fascinating read:

"You’ve heard the sort of Council on Foreign Relations dos and don’ts. This is on the record. I know there were many things that might have been said about behavioral economics off the record had it been so, but unfortunately everything we say will in fact be on the record. So that deeply constrains our conversation, but so be it."

CFR even tells us how they get around restrictions on Gain-of-function viral research...with a little transhumanism thrown in:

Biotechnology: The Potential and Perils of Innovation

Council on Foreign Relations, June 22, 2016


This organizational chart is important. Maya Shankar in the first CFR link. Robbie Barbero in the second CFR link. Biological Innovation (a little modified flu) + Behavioral Science (amplified fear, aka terror, as pandemic NPI) = Bioterror. Brought to us by our own government. Through the OSTP:


"OSTP Leadership & Staff


Assistant Director, Behavioral Science Maya Shankar

Assistant Director, Biological Innovation Robbie Barbero"

More on Maya Shankar:


"In 2016, Shankar served as the first behavioral science advisor to the United Nations, and continues to apply her behavioral science expertise on decision making in her current role as Google’s Global Director of Behavioral Economics"

And Maya Shankar is coauthor of this official UN publication. Which tells us how we're going to be "happy owning nothing and eating bugs." Applying Behavioral Science Choice Architecture, manufactured scarcity, linguistics and mindgames:

Behavioural Insights at the United Nations – Achieving Agenda 2030, September 20, 2016


Maya Shankar has Bipartisan reach. With House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's BFF and roommate, Bush family crime syndicate of Rino's favorite wordsmith, press relations spinmaster Frank Luntz, Hillary and Bill's spawn Chelsea Clinton - and Maya Shankar:

In Fact With Chelsea Clinton, May 18, 2021


The Behavioral Scientist, September 16, 2015


"To mark Obama’s executive order, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy hosted an informational event at the White House which featured remarks from Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, Harvard Professor and Nudge co-author Cass Sunstein, as well as a number of leaders of White House Policy Councils.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Team’s mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government agencies, and its work is a key component of the current administration’s push for evidence-based policy.

[Note: SBST is now known as the Office of Evaluation Services under the GSA:

https://oes.gsa.gov/about ]

Did someone say Cass Sunstein? Co-author of "Nudge" with Richard Thaler in the UK. The UK set up their own Behavioural Insights Team at the same time as the US's SBST drawing upon the book.

BlueTent, February 5, 2021


"In 2009, Sunstein became head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), a part of the Office of Management and Budget that plays a pivotal role in approving or rejecting agency regulations. The position was Sunstein’s dream job, to be a pilot in what he termed “the cockpit of the regulatory state.”"

"And there are reasons to worry. Kuttner reported on February 1 that Sunstein’s protégé, Jessica Hertz, managed to segue from her job in the Obama administration as a deputy counsel to Biden to a high-ranking position at Facebook and then to the Biden transition team, overseeing ethics considerations. Now, she’s been named Biden’s staff secretary, where she controls what documents land on his desk.

Hauser thinks one area where Sunstein could do harm concerns Big Tech. He fears that Sunstein would support “complex regulatory structures developed by agencies yet to be built,” rather than the more direct action of breaking up tech giants like Amazon, Facebook or Google, which have become big by a “series of acquisitions” and are too powerful to regulate at their current size. Breaking up the companies is the only way to make them “small enough” to regulate, he says."

Don't overlook Jessica Hertz in that story. She left Facebook to join Biden's team a month before the 2020 election. Same time as the Hunter Biden story was throttled by...Facebook. Then landed in one of the most powerful jobs in an administration, same job John Podesta had under Clinton:

"Joe Biden’s transition team has hired top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz as its general counsel to oversee ethical issues"

New York Post, October 1, 2020


"Former Facebook attorney Jessica Hertz is resigning her powerful post as White House staff secretary, according to a new report"

New York Post, October 20, 2021


And can't forget about Sunstein's wife, Samantha Power. Infamous UN Ambassador under Obama, happy little warmaker in Ukraine and Libya. Now heads up USAID under Biden. Up to her old tricks. Which this time includes establishing propaganda media in third-world nations. More nudge totalitarian propaganda:


And this is just the US snapshot. Look at a snapshot of the UK and world in comment under this one>

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What you are saying here is corroborated in a book published in France the same year as Robison's:


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My parents born in the thirties told me there was a world order but I did not believe them. Now I see the head of the snake in plain sight.

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Looking forward to reading the rest of the series Ryan❤️👏

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Thank you Ryan - I am familiar with some of this from G.E. Griffin's Creature from Jekyll Island book and other similar conspiracy books. It is In Our Faces and It Is Malevolent. PNAC was either introduced in the Foreign Affairs Journal of the CFR or at least very much associated with CFR. Yes, the Power Game is in our face for those who are willing to take an objective view of the facts and details. Keep up the good work. Oh - They did get their United Nations after WWII and after the US Congress (Senate) would not ratify the proposed League of Nations treaty after WWI.

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Looking Forward

To Future Portions/Parts.

Thank You !

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There are so many rabbit holes to explore... AND YOU JUST OPENED A HUGE NEW WARREN!!! Well done, sir, I look forward to the sequels.

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Very informative

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Here’s the real history that should be taught in school!

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No hope for us I guess. If no one has been able to stop them it reasonable to assume they are very well schooled at what they do.

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With the mad hatters tea party going on in the rabbit hole called The White House

all of Alice in wonderlands full cast of characters are around the table of the absurd and crafting a world that is fit for the lunacy group that believe there are non binary people with 42 possible pronouns they can choose from, men who can have babies, men who wish to use women’s rest rooms, children who now have 2moms or 2 dads wondering how come they don’t have a real family. Alice can rest assured their world is not real and soon it will go up in smoke. Hopefully sooner than later

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Ok so what I am hearing is it’s just too big too powerful too secret too impenetrable so just forget it. It will never end and we are it’s targets/victims/slaves. The end.

Prove me wrong PLEASE

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