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Psychogenic triggers are the cause of the disease; truth and morality are the cure - well said.

People are fallible, God is not...

Thank you for a very well thought-out and written article.

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Excellent and thought provoking article!!!!! Thank you Justin as this explained so much to me as it truly breaks down how diabolical people with an agenda can effect the masses.

I look forward to your part 2.

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Excellent article. Brings to mind what someone said awhile back - The Amish didn't know there was a "pandemic" because they don't watch TV. Much truth to that. As you said, living in a small town in a rural part of my state has shielded me somewhat from the societal effects of things like the antifa and blm rioting.

But so many people are still allowing themselves to be mind-controlled by the constant use of their "smart phones", which I do not own, as well as TV "programming". I stopped watching all TV "news" years ago, even local. I found it freed my mind to be able to think critically and not react constantly to fear-driven stories. Peace of mind is important.

So when the fear-mongering about CV19 began, I did not immediately accept the narrative. And when they began saying everyone had to take a vaccine, I knew better, and avoided the death jab. It helps to have sources of real news, like Badlands and others that we now have available.

Thank you!

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"A psychotic break is not always a descent into a state of greater mental disorder like many tend to believe; it is a reordering of one’s experiential world that blends fact and fiction in a way that helps to end the feelings of panic."

Brilliant. Explains the seeming psychosis of those with irrational beliefs, and why they cannot accept evidence that challenges their beliefs.

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Thanks Justin, a good introduction to this topic.

Here is an article by Dr. Mercola explaining mass formation psychosis in good detail:


And a 21 minute video from After Skool Productions, 5.7 million views:


Both credit Dr Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, who is perhaps most responsible for bringing this idea to the world's attention in recent times.

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Excellent article !!! History repeats itself. But, one has to know history to understand what is going on now. Not teaching it in schools. Homeschoolers should be growing by the millions. thank you Justin ! Can't wait to read Part 2.

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When I first read this I thought the title was "TIGERING Mass Psychosis". LOL

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Some people still hysterically believe the Covid garbage. My son went to a SoCal store this week and man his 20’s was there wearing a mask and gloves. He told my son to stay 6 feet away and his cart was blocking the aisle. My son moved his cart so he could walk down the aisle and the man had a fit. My son then said he didn’t have Covid, never got the shots and was going to continue shopping. The man lost his mind and began yelling. A security guard told the man to behave or he would have to leave the store. He left, yelling all the way.

This is what our government did to people.

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Incredible article very well thought out and informative

We can only hope that the masses start to understand what has taken place

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Great explanation!!! It feels at time so overwhelming and devastating to learn more and more about the extent to which our lives have been clouded in manipulation by a ‘select few’ elite and our governments rolling out these plans.

I too am looking forward to reading part 2 on how we heal and move on from here...

One things for sure .. life is never going to be the same as we discover more and more what’s been hidden from us, how we got here. and what we need to know to move forward!!!

Question that keeps coming up for me is.....how do we function in society in the meantime?

It’s extremely difficult holding down your day job, and navigating through the feelings of it being a necessity - to pay bills as I’m sure you can appreciate - to not agree with all that your organisation does ... and balancing that with doing your job ... because you care about the community you live in and want it to keep functioning whilst we transition, and keep essential services and information flowing.

It sure is a balancing act of faith and trusting the intent is recognised and that this is actually all leading us somewhere good. It’s exhausting though!!!

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I have over the past number of years, suggested that people read, “State of Fear “.

Author Michael Creighton. It was written about Climate Change. I have told my sphere of influence, that fiction is more likely true than false.

Love your work. Thanks 🙏❤️

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Good breakdown of the situation as it unfolded. Unfortunately, there are & will be many who won’t ever break free from its grip. For those of us who have we continue on & inform others who might want to know. This is going to be with us for A VERY LONG TIME!!!

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Really thoughtful piece, Justin.

It is substantial proof that 'history repeats itself ' and for me answers the question, why is the left attempting to erase history, ie removing statues and altering textbooks ?

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Critical thinking - something many in this society lack immensely ! Thank you - now if we could just stop the roller coaster and let them all off !

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Credit should be given Mattias Desmut for making us aware of Mass Formation not Malone. He is the true pioneer.

Otherwise thank you for an insightful article.

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Excellent, in all ways. Forgot to add- Shared the article link on various forums. Maybe some will crack open a brain cell & start awakening.

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