Our corrupted SOS here in Nebraska admittedly stated on camera on Nov 4, 2020 that 25,000 mail in ballots had been unaccounted for. Say WHAT? He did nothing. He refuses to take calls on any questions whatsoever! He's disgusting! Our children are at risk of being mutilated by laws that are currently being passed in our legislature because of his derelict of duty. At election integrity hearings at our capital yesterday, our senators stated, in order to get laws passed correctly this will take several years. They do not represent the people of Nebraska. I am currently looking in to laws that will allow the arrest of our SOS to have him removed and hopefully locked behind bars.

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[BREAKING - Elections integrity]

[EXCLUSIVE TGP] : ELECTION SYSTEM DISCOVERED – Used in MULTIPLE States – Internet connected, uncertified, and accessible to numerous Govt Agencies and outside entities !!


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What we can do to fix our elections to me is simple, but you have to follow this logic. I have a plan to retake our Republic. No, no bloody revolution, in fact no shots will need to be fired, I don't think. 2 easy steps: First step Wayne Allen Root proposed this only hid idea was just for a weekend. It's a NATIONAL STRIKE. A weekend will not even phase the Ds, let alone bring them to their knees as I hope. Remember the Autonomous Zone? That was a war of attrition and we won. I don't see this being any different. Someone said you'd be scared of losing your paycheck. You'd be going back to work after the two months, so little to worry about it's just an inconvenience. And for those who really do get fired, I'm sure we can work on start up businesses. Okay that's my first point, second, a National Divorce has quietly been building whether you knew it or not. As of yesterday the approval poll was 60% Does that mean sedition? No. Separating from the illegitimate regime and the WEF/UN/WHO what I call the 'usual suspects,' those who never really won the Presidency but ASSUMED power fraudulently. Okay there are my 2 ideas now for how to fix the voting (I didn't forget :). Boycott if necessary the rigged one and have our own with I.D.s etc. no machines. Remember we will be a new country in a sense so much of the old is tossed out after we decide what to keep and toss.

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great ideas. Yet as mentioned above our thieves, senators selected, have the election law noose around our necks and plan on slapping the horses ass beneath us come 2024. Not being a sad sorry sack.... it's fact here in Nebraska

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I have no doubts. This is a way around politicians. If you notice I didn't mention them.

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Didn't mention politicians because the divorce is of anyone we don't like.

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Did some 'fine tuning.' We'll start April 1st (no joke). You aren't locked down if that's what you thought.

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Hello Holly, that was a well thought and researched article.

I humbly submit a few things to consider;

Washington DC is a private city/state operating under its own laws. That is why they can "legally" arrest and hold January 6 participants. When they walked into Washington DC, they walked into a foreign jurisdiction whose "citizens" have no rights.

The UNITED STATES must be differentiated from the organic United States of America. These are two completely separate entities. the UNITED STATES is a municipal corporation whereas the United States of America in an unincorporated entity that comprises the organic Country known as America.

Corporations are created by law therefore, for any corporation to exist in America the law pertaining to the creation of corporations has to first be adopted, excepting only foreign corporations such as the British Corporations that were functioning in America prior to the Declaration of Independence. With that in mind, you can see the organic USofA is not and cannot be an incorporated entity, it is an unincorporated entity in its organic form.

If you read the constitution of September 1787, under Section 8 you see the United States, "To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square)." In other words, the writers of the Constitution envisioned creating a separate entity other than the organic dejure American government to provide essential governmental services to and for America and was going to create a "District" to locate this entity. The yet to be established "District" shall "exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever" meaning that the organic dejure law of the land, which at that time was American common law as distinct and modified from English common law, was inapplicable in Washington DC. The "District" was to have its own laws and was to have exclusive and sole legislative authority in "all Cases" which included its citizenry. They spelled out the intent to make the District (Washington DC) a private city/state operating under its own laws.

Washington DC is a private city/state that functions as a municipal corporation and is not a part of the organic Unites States of America. According to the North West Ordinance, the United States Government had its own citizenry living in the territories that had not yet become states and had its own methods and laws of dealing with its citizenry outside of the common law of the organic continental United States of America, so the precedent to circumvent American common law was already set.

A "united states citizen" status was created by the 14th Amendment which was never properly or lawfully ratified but considered adopted in 1866. At that time there was no such thing as a United States citizen or a federal or "government" citizen. Upon the Declaration of Independence, the people in America shifted from being colonists to citizens of the States they lived in, therefor the original dejure class of citizenry at that time and still to this day are State Citizens but we must define and differentiate what a "citizen" is.

A citizen, by definition, has an obligation to a government - like a Roman citizen which is where the term was borrowed from. America was not founded with people having obligations to a government so the term citizen is inappropriate to use when describing the organic population of people. Americans were free. Free from obligations to a government and free to exercise and live their lives as they saw fit without any form of governmental intrusion so long as you did not harm in infringe on the rights of another America.

America was the first country in the history of Earth to be a free country and recognize that Sovereignty existed in the American people via Kinship with God. This was and still is no small thing and all the organic laws of America still exist and support this founding principal.

Properly, the people of the America are American State Nationals as America was founded as a Confederation of Independent and sovereign Nation States but with the Sovereignty recognized as existing in the people and not the state(s). The states operate of "delegated authority" from the Sovereign people. When an American State National is participating in "self governance" via participation in the government of a state, he is then considered a State Citizen as he then has an obligation to a government. When his or her stint is up, the person moves back to the status of a State National, free from government intrusion and in full possession of his/her inalienable Right.

Point being, other than a general reference of people, there was no such thing or no such "class" as a United States citizen prior to the 14th Amendment. As you recall, the 14th Amendment was "required" to give citizenship to freed black slaves however, it would have been much more logical to simply make them States Nationals of the state they lived in, but that would have defeated the intended fraud to come.

When anyone is born in America, they are born by birthright as an American State National by the simple fact they are on the land of the state they live in. Immediately after birth, and with the use of the Birth Certificate, babies are classified as US citizens and this classification is reinforced by an application for a SSN, which in only required of US citizens.

All the rights of Americans and all the Sovereign powers of the people are only held by American State Nationals. All the Amendments to the Constitution, particularly the Right to free speech and the Right to keep and bear arms are the Rights of American State Nationals. Until 1866, there was no such thing as a federal or government citizen, except for the right to exercise exclusive legislative authority over the people living in the "District" or the territories. It is a mistake and a fraud for any American State National too "voluntarily" surrender their Rights to unwittingly become a US citizen, who again have no rights.

US citizens are the citizens/subjects and people of the incorporated UNITES STATES and its territories. If you are born or live in Washington DC, you are a US citizen. If you live in Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa etc., you are a US citizen. If were not born in these territories or do not live in these territories, you are a State National by birth, with inalienable rights extended to you from God via Kinship with God, as recognized and stated by the Declaration of Independence, the first founding organic document of America.

As you can see, almost everyone has been duped into believing they are US citizens and have "checked the US citizen box" but can't figure out why the government usurps upon their rights so readily. It is because they have been defrauded out of their rights and duped into a "subject" class of citizenry - a United States citizen.

When you register to vote in a "US election" you are registering to vote in the elections of a foreign municipal corporation known as Washington DC, which also registers you as a US citizen and also means you consent to the jurisdiction of Washington DC, not to exceed 10 Miles square.

The organic United States has not had an election since the civil war when the South walked out of congress sine die. After the (contrived) civil war, reconstruction was supposed to take place and those words were used quite a bit however, what actually happened was the British took advantage of the disruption of the American government and installed their own foreign entity called The United States of America, incorporated in Scotland. The British then set themselves up as as the defacto government as a government services corporation providing essential government servicers "for" the American people and claiming the organic American government was in "interregnum." They then proceed to rape and pillage the wealth of America and its people. That entity has been bankrupted a number of times and new ones installed by the British. The Catholic Church got in on this action and formed a territorial corporation to proved essential government services too, and both have been pillaging this country ever since.

The point being (at long last), is we have no business consenting to be US citizens and voting in a foreign private city/state operating under their own private law - private commercial law - and whose sole jurisdiction does not exceed 10 Mile square. It is all fraud,

Further, they can cheat and lie and install attorneys and foreign born citizens as Presidents all they want and we have no lawful standing to clean up "their" election process primarily because US citizens have no rights, but also because even if you did rectify your citizenship status to a State National, Washington DC is a foreign country to you. Its like us trying to tell Nigeria to clean up its elections, we have to standing or authority.

The solution is to leave them be and restore our own government, which has not existed since the civil war. We should "move out" and leave them be because the unsustainable "national debt" actually belongs to that corporation and not to the organic unincorporated America. Fortunately, all the states are settled now and are government is back in action. There is much work yet to do to put in place our own fair and just court system, establish control over the Sheriffs (actually very easily done) and reissue our own currency, but it's happening.

With your understanding of this situation your help can go a long way, Do your own research and help communicate the nature of this situation to people. Check out https://tasa.americanstatenationals.org/ and clean up your "citizenship" status. You don't owe "Federal income taxes" unless you are a federal employee or a US citizen. Come home, please.

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Every time they try to strengthen voting laws here in NH, the Supreme Court overturns it. In the 2020 election our town had hundreds of single votes for Biden, from same-day registrants. Most normal town residents vote the whole ballot, for Senate, Rep, etc. To me this is a red flag that the Biden voters were paid-off infiltraitors.

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This is the first Badlands Media article that has disappointed. BIGLY. Guess what? Every one of these 'ideas' has been tried and failed in the vast majority of attempts. Our Legislators are not stepping up, our Supervisors of Elections can't or won't address the issues, the courts are decidedly uninclined to make reasonable decisions on election fraud, and We The People are left running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to save our elections and thus, save our country. We're tired, we're angry, and we're LOSING this battle which means we're LOSING our country. Something very different needs to happen. So, please save your 'ideas' for another subject.

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"sowing" not "sewing"

Sorry to be picky, don't spoil your great information and commentary with stuff like that.

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You have inspired us to kick off a new campaign here in Nebraska because of the misplaced ballots in 2020. We just set up the website this morning.... www.25kMIA.us we've got a team of passoninate individuals that have witness election fraud in Nebraska and since our law makers have been dragging their feet for 28 months now we are focusing on the ONE MAN who has committed a crime against the very individuals he sworn and oath to protect. Please check it out. Tell your Nebraska friends..... we want this to go viral. Thanks and God Bless!

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Very True that the history of elections in this country and in every country have had problems with corruption and fraud. And there always will. But today elections in America are safer and more secure than at any point in our past. Every single audit performed by every state has co conclusively determined that voting machines like Dominion have performed flawlessly. No CREDIBLE evidence has yet to be produced in a court of law. So until then then maybe some people should pull their heads out and do a little of their own work and stop propagating stupid conspiracy theories

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OMG, someone has been asleep for decades. So, apparently there are those who don't know the TRUTH about the 2 time AG, William P Barr aka Robert Johnson 🤔 🙄. Perhaps, before one sticks his neck out to claim "Conspiracy Theory" BS they should read chapter 17 of Terry Reed's book COMPROMISED. You don't even have to read the whole book Randy !

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Sounds like a good book tbox. Everyone I think knows Barr is a POS. I know all about the goings-on in Mena Arkansas in the 80s and 90s. In the Reagan and Bush administration with their willing scapegoat Oliver later turned poor poor victim. The real problem is as long as Americans vote for Republicans and Democrats where the candidates are chosen for us nothing will ever change

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Randall, that is what the CABAL has been doing for the past 7 decades 👏! Maintaining the Hegalian dialetic and as noted this is becoming extremely expensive ! But I totally agree, those Americans who continue following this staged Republican vs Democract BS Circus Show will be extremely surprised to find out that it's all been just that a "Show" !

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repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. ~ President Barack Obama

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Barry Soetoro was just another SELECTED player on the chess board of the District of Corruption. He was mentored by a "Furniture Salesman" Stanley Dunham 🤣 in Hawaii

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Actually Penny that quote is attributed to Joseph Goebbels

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Thanks Randall. I assumed Obama stole it from someone else.

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I don't know on which planet you are living, but it is not planet Earth.

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Would you ban absentee ballots? If you would, how would people unable to vote in person - away on a business trip for example - cast their ballots?

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One thing. HAVA is not a mandate. It is a program. Due to the U.S. Constitution the federal government cannot interfere in how states conduct their elections. HAVA is a program that was put out to bribe states into implementing the machines. Lobby your state to stop taking HAVA money and the machines can go. In Oklahoma, according to our constitution, our elections are to be free and fair. The legal definition of free means that the state taking HAVA money for the last 20 years has rendered our elections unconstitutional and our governor must agree. The election task force he just announced has a goal of getting rid of federal money in our elections. He’s ignored the problem for three years but we sent out a notice that HAVA funds are illegal according to our constitution and now all the sudden the governor is interested in election integrity. We also requested an audit of our state election board to find out where the HAVA money has gone three days before that order came out. It will be interesting to see how all this of this gets responded to by the public in Oklahoma. We’ve been educating them on the problems worn our elections for almost three years. ‘We’ being election integrity citizen investigative journalists since no one else in the state would take this up.

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Another Election System Provider – Tenex Software – like Knowink – connects to Internet, NOT CERTIFIED, not audited, across numerous states !



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Mother of peaceful J6 Prisoner “QAnon Shaman” Jake Chansley says he will be released from prison “Really SOON!”


MY take:

If Jake CHANSLEY (say his name !!) is freed very SOON it will be very symbolic for all the J6 DC Political Prisoners and for your whole country.

The release of the QAnon Shaman will be seen as the liberation of the fundamental Great Spirit of America that he had just represented with the symbolic outfit he had chosen to peacefully stroll through the Capitol on J6 AND LEAD A PRAYER FOR LAW ENFONCEMENT around him !!

It will show a BIG signal (a big shot ??) throughout your Nation and through the whole world !

GOD bless him for his prayers on J6 !

GOD bless his marvelous mother !

GOD bless the American Spirit (or Spirit of America ?) !

GOD bless you all for fighting so hard !

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