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What a great piece!! That last comment…’remember the most famous man only had 12 followers’ was a great ending! Keep spreading truth…God always wins 🙏🏻♥️

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Really Really Fantastic Piece.

You've spread open the envelope & moved the ball far down field.

Again, this should be required Reading, for The Candidates, too. If they really desire partnership, with The People.

KUDOS ! To You & The Gang.


"There are more things In Heaven & Earth..."

Than the materialist Horatios' may ever imagine.

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Very well written and full of encouragement. Thank you!

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This was a thoroughly enjoyable article to read, thank you. I’m not a Q follower, or even religious, but everything here resonates. I am so grateful for Badlands media, and I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future...

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Well said. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

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There are way too many self-proclaimed patriots who showed up since the early days of 2018, when that charlatan Dr. Jerome Corsi appeared on the Q scene to “decode” Q drops, all the while pushing his own interpretation to mislead people, see Q post 2104.

I wrote the following in response to a post elsewhere discussing the technological capabilities of the Cabal and few people are using any critical thinking and reasoning skills and simply believing what they read. A digital soldier is also a natural born skeptic and they need to use their analytical skills as well as their intuition in this war of information.

I didn’t post it there because it would do little to get anyone to think differently, if the responses are any example of the thinking over there.

But it fits better with the theme of this post.

BEWARE this is a long response, skip if you don’t like reading and thinking about things.



In the war on the Cabal, information is King…

We should be careful with imbuing the Cabal with technological powers it doesn't have ahead of time.

For instance the idea of "predicting" the future with supercomputers has been around since the 1930s.

In some instances it does work for a short range timeframe and for small datasets, however it's not a magic crystal ball.

An example: Weather prediction falls into this category, since the 1960s weather prediction has become more accurate, however it still an inexact science because of the underlying and inherently chaotic nature of natural processes. Supercomputers still have limitations because of their complexity and their processing power and speed.

Anyone interested in how this works should have a look at this paper.

The Importance of (Exponentially More) Computing Power


Now apply this to the job of "predicting" the future on a human scale, in fact the job is both easier and harder at the same time.

It's easier because there are fewer elements (8 billion humans and their associated systems) but the interactions between these elements are more complex and more chaotic.

Yes it's possible to model human behavior mathematically on a large scale, this is the same as in modelling the interactions and behavior of a gas and you can't exactly predict where an individual gas molecule will be 300 time steps down the line out of a trillion other gas molecules all interacting. However you can approximate statistically how the whole ensemble will behave in general and know fairly accurately what it's future state will be given a past state, in physics this is the field of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

However, humans are not gas molecules, there is a level of intelligence and purpose(self-determination) which can and does influence the overall behavior of a group of people and this diverges from strictly random behavior. This is why it's hard to model exactly things like economic forecasts and financial forecasts for periods longer than around a year. You can predict general trends but you cannot predict where sudden changes will come from and the impact will have on the system.

And no I don't believe there is a cache of super-secret technology that the Cabal has in some dark cavern somewhere giving them an advantage over us. Creating items such as supercomputers and their components is NOT as simple as throwing together some electronic components and viola. Anyone who has studied or worked in and around IT and computer science understands exactly how hard it is to design and manufacture computer processors with increasing speed and power and then integrating them into a working system.

Yes the Cabal might have had a design for something like the ChatGPT AI back in the 90s but they didn’t have the computing power to train it, let alone run it. The neural network concept has been around since the late 1950s and some very primitive models were created. But the computing power needed was far beyond the capabilities of the time, even if the concept was indeed validated 50 years later.


“Many of us have heard the technology made available to the public today has been used by our government agencies and military for up to 30 years prior.”

Detailed Example on why this isn’t possible: Today’s AI in the form of ChatGPT are based on what are called Large Language Models, these are the “core” of AI, a neutral network with tens of thousands of nodes and billions of interconnections called parameters between them.

ChatGPT is a 175 Billion parameter model. To train the model cost $4 million dollars in computer rental time(2021), this doesn’t count the hardware or the data and energy needed to train the AI model.

Now it’s been estimated it took 570GB of training data and GPT-3175B model required 3.14E23 FLOP of computing for training. (FLOP=Floating point operations, basic math like +, -, x, /)

Warning Math Ahead: Let’s assume this is 1993 and the Cabal has some hidden base somewhere with a massive supercomputer to run their AI, what resources do they need? Assume the AI is on the level of ChatGPT(GPT-3.5) and needs to be trained.

The fastest known supercomputer in early 1993 was the Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel, it had a peak computing speed of 124.5E9 FLOPS(floating point operations per second) with a power consumption of 498 kW(J/s).

The time need to train the model is 3.14E23/124.5E9, punch this into the calculator you get 2.5E12 seconds needed to train the model, for us mortals it’s 79664 years! at a cost in energy of 1.25E18 Joules. In 1993 the total world electricity production was 12592 TWh=4.52E19 Joules over the whole year.

The energy need to train this model would be 1/36th of the total world electricity production in 1993. If you wanted to train this model in one year you would need 80,000 more supercomputers and at an electrical consumption of 40 Gigawatts.

So where are you going to build the power plants to supply 40 GW? The biggest nuclear power station in the world in 1993 was Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant at 4.696 GW, so we would need 9 of them to power our 80,000, 1993 era supercomputers.

The Cabal might be very wealthy and have a stash of technology but they don’t have that much money to afford to build that level of technology on the scales needed. This isn’t even including the fact that back in 1993 the Internet was in an extremely early stage, and GPT-3 trained on 590GB of data off the internet, and there wasn’t 590GB of data easily available online in 1993, nowhere close to that.







Now what about in 2003? Or 2013? Same problem but it’s more tractable the closer it gets to the present day.

AI is only happening now in the commercial/civilian sector because computer technology has advanced to the point of where it’s now possible to train AI models in less than infinite(from a human perspective) time.

The Cabal might have access to some technologies ahead of time just as the militaries of most countries have access to some tech which is more advanced than what is available to the public. But there is no way that even a secretive group like the Cabal/Deep State will have technologies 20 or 30 years ahead of everyone else.

They might have plans and patents which are stolen of more advanced methods, doesn’t mean they have access or the ability to build such technologies.

No more than Thomas Edison, if given the blueprints and schematics of a 1980s PC could build it with late 1890s tech.

Why did I go through all of this rigmarole?

Because accuracy and truth are the two cornerstones of winning this 5G information war and I’ve seen wildly inaccurate statements or suppositions concerning the capabilities of the enemy. There are complete lies was well as half-truths floating around out there concerning the technological capabilities of the NWO/Cabal which are more than fictional.

The simple fact of the matter is, the enemy is not nearly as clever as they think they are but we buy into their mythos that they’re superior because they’ve never been defeated. And how do we know they’re superior? Because they tell us through the MSM and various channels, all of which is part of the illusion that they’ve weaved through out the centuries.

Why are they losing and the White Hats making more and more progress towards the defeat of the NWO? It’s not because of superior technology, although having the NSA’s technological espionage capabilities does indeed help and it did tip the balance in favor of the white hats.

It's because the awareness of We the People has been raised, it's because millions of sleepers are now waking up from their artificially induced dream into a reality where they can see the truth for themselves.

This is why the tide is turning in this war.

TL;DR: Don't give the enemy attributes or qualities they don't have! In a 5G war everything is deception and the enemy is well versed in it.

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Thank you whoever wrote this. I suspect “the Boss” had a big hand!

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Only through 1st Section.

Every Candidate, ought to Read This One.

Then Read It Again.

& One more Time.

So they know, & what they're ACTUALLY up against, this Time.



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Beautifully expressed. Hearing voices isn’t all bad. Depends on the ones we hear which are the ones we tune into. The structural integrity of warriors in all dimensions is important. Be the change.

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Wow! Reading this has cut right to my heart! It sparked something in me....guess it's called 'TRUTH"...

How amazing is it when we hear something that is truth, that somehow it uplifts, inspires, and brings joy to us in ways that's surprising.

Thank you for this my friend!!!!

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Great Article! Ty!!!

Please let me know if I can set up an interview with Liz Harris out of Arizona! I'm helping coordinating for her and TRUTH about the Coordinated attack on America First supporters in Arizona.

Here's her latest interview for your review


You can contact me via text at 940 366 6290 or email at lrm913040@gmail.com .

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Would you believe that we still have idiots (I'm being very kind) who think the AR-15 is the villain in this world? Try the finger squeezing the trigger. Or to be perfectly honest, the ones behind him/her staging the mass shootings. Off-topic? Truth is truth.

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“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

― Augustine of Hippo

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"In other words, time itself is a team sport."


Man you're digging deep on that one !

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We shouldn't celebrate these parasites leaving the USA. It's akin to ticks and fleas jumping off a dog after it has died of their infestation. There is simply nothing left that can be siphoned off. That's why all these unAmericans are interested in leaving the USA. We who love this land realize that all abundance comes from the land, and that abundance is going to be here even after all the professional moneyed interests have gone back to whatever cave they came from.

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Metaphysical War of 5G is why the dimocratz picked Baden. It (5G) has no effect unless your brain is functional. Most Dims will not be infected by 5G.

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