I love everything you post. ( You have probably seen the above).Trump has an Executive Order Re: Expanding GITMO. At least once a week a plane is going to GITMO.

I know you know about Devolution/ Continuity of Government.

You also probably know about Deep State’s 16 year

plan for us.

The US has been under Military Occupation since 2016. Trump was asked by the Military to take down all of the corruption. The ‘ Real President Trump’ has bee in the Cheyanne Military Complex since 2019.

There were two vaccines- Trump’s and DeepState. Trump’s had in it Hydroxchlorquine, Ivermectin, Azithremycin, Doxycycline and Zinc.

Have a wonderful day!

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Mar 7, 2023·edited Mar 7, 2023

Actually I don't think Trump's vaccine was ever released as an official "product", however on Dec 22, 2021, the US Army made an announcement.


Coincidentally around the same time the Omicron variant first showed up.


Funny thing about the Omicron variant, it acted exactly the way a "vaccine" should have behaved, it was extremely mild in it's effects except to a very small number of people who were already severely immune-compromised.

Omicron also spread so incredibly fast and was extremely contagious, thus rendering masks useless and moot, it also granted immunity not only to itself after infection but to the much more deadly Delta variant of the virus going around at the time.

The Omicron variant did several things.

1) Proved masking was useless as well as lockdowns.

2) Effectively vaccinated those who got it against the Delta variants as well as future variants of covid.

3) Destroyed the need for the increasingly ineffective booster shots.

The Omicron variant fits all the criteria of what Operation Warp Speed had intended to initially accomplish, it derailed the Deep State/Cabal's plans to lockdown the world for years, it stopped them from administering "boosters" and killed Big Pharma's plans to impose a perpetual regime of experimental drugs on the public for the foreseeable future.

What's strange is that the US Army vaccine announcement was never followed up on by any other media outlet, nobody has mentioned it since.

It was meant to show success against Omicron as well but what if the vaccine WAS Omicron?

Some have pointed out that Omicron, like C-19 was man made but not directly related to Covid.


So I believe the initial OWS plan for the C-19 outbreak was successful, and as has been raised in this article there are other variants of this plan which are not known to us and which are still in play.

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Interesting points and links. Thank you. Have a nice evening!

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not many agree with us . People speculate on why "they" do this or that . Your watching a movie. they are waking them up the same way they put us asleep

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Absolutely. You have a wonderful day Spence.

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How do we know which ones are "Trump's vaccines"?

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One thing is for certain, Warp Speed was about much more than the vax. Only time will clear the mists enough to see the full extent of it, if even then. And only in time will We the People see the true extent of the KM/Deep State/Cabal operatives not only here in the USA but also all over the world. It's coming out now, but many are still asleep.

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Yes yes yes schedule F. Clean out deep state (Senior Executive Services) GS 16,17,17...

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I will never forget President Trumps inauguration speech. The part that you quoted here is burned into my brain & heart. Whenever people question his motives I always go back to that speech. I did not vote for either candidate in that election. In 2020 I would have crawled over broken glass to vote for him. Fortunately I didn’t have to.

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Absolutely brilliant!!

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Read it twice to soak in the train of thought. Feel ready now to dive into some of the substance you offered here. Puts a new twist on some of what we are seeing. Thank you for offering this perspective.

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Mar 6, 2023·edited Mar 6, 2023

I've always thought there was more to Operation Warp Speed than simply vax development.

Trump has taken a lot of flac from his base over it because some people are very literal and did what they thought he said to do, take the vax!

When in fact he's always maintained that it's every person's individual choice, he never said to take the mRNA vaccines specifically.

The assertion that OWS was a much broader plan makes a lot of sense and it cause the Cabal/Deep State to accelerate their plans, including their deadly shots, much faster than they wanted, it also killed their lockdowns much more quickly than they had anticipated.

Schedule F has always been a somewhat murky policy device deployed by the Trump administration and which was little understood at the time.

Many still don't know what it is or what it truly represents, though a lot of the MAGA crowd do think it was somehow also related to Devolution which was put in place near the end of his term.

Watching Trump's 2023 CPAC speech on Mar. 4th, he exudes a confidence and a sense of strength and self-assurance that nobody who had gone through what he went through the past 6 years should rightly have. Nobody I know would have that kind of strength and courage after what has happened in the world since the advent of Covid.

Even now his enemies are both baffled and mystified as to how he's even standing, and now he appears to be on the warpath with is latest remarks at CPAC.


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I have been quietly reading the work on this for a little while now, and I have to say that I am very impressed. Keep up the great work. I know that I’m not alone in appreciating your dedication. Truly Thank you

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Thank you JB, a very thought provoking article and Schedule F is an interesting description about the many countermoves that Trump has put in play against the Deep State, Global Cabal.

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First time I read you. Thank you. I hope you are correct.

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Amazing “DISCERNMENT” this word IS KEY FROM EVERY LIVING WORD that comes out of HIS (GOD’S) WORD!

Great Article on the meaning of “F” in which I absolutely believe is TRUTH! The moment Trump walked off, he did not concede, he did not say one word!

GOD ALMIGHTY spoke deep inside my heart/soul to begin a deeper insight to PRESS IN! To INTERCEDE AS IVE NEVER INTERCEDED BEFORE! NONSTOP 24/7 in which is impossible without allowing oneself to be fully immersed in HIM DAY AND NIGHT!

As communion has been explained in His Word to make myself available as His vessel. Which is a difficult task as everything most everyone around me has been negative/confused/argumentative about EVERYTHING/NOT KNOWING without affecting us vessels whom had been called to take part in this WHOLE JOURNEY!

The Words Trump stated very clearly resonated within me i’d listened to it many times throughout these past few years! Tears come. As I just read this now tears came the deepest as HOPE RINGS welling up inside my heart and spirit.

GOD HAD A PLAN “I’m so Thankful those He called, Listened”

Sincerely heartfelt/heart received


Lauren Ingle


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Schedule F will enable Trump to quickly dispense of the SES shadow government that Carter installed under civil service in his admin. Excellent! And of course thousands upon thousands of government workers in every unelected department - A great way to rid the government of the DS foot soldiers

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It is interesting that Carter is now in hospice. By definition, hospice means he has less than six months to live.

Not to say that he isn't - the man is 98 years old. But if you look at this as a metaphor - perhaps we are looking at a potential timeliness of Schedule F implementation. The dying of the DS, so to speak.

I realize my silver hat may be a little tight, but there are too many "messages" in the media that have those double meanings...just a theory.

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I get what you are saying - absolutely! When I heard J Carter was in hospice care - I figured they'd "save" the announcement of his death until an opportune time when truth drops on them/ and is revealed and spend a week in the news on his purported achievements. Look her not there.

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As a Christian, in 2015 I was praying: "Lord send someone who will take a wrecking ball through the establishment....both sides". And down the escalator came Donald John Trump!! I knew little about him, but in May, 2016, a friend sent me the link to an interview w/ prophet Mark Taylor. The Lord had let him know that Trump would be President AND for 2 terms. Also, that he would appoint 3 SCOTUS Justices. Later, Mark, said "the Lord has been dealing w/ me and it is 5 Justices". Three down, 2 to go.

I don't think many of us, myself included, knew how deep, wide and messy this would be. But oh, what we have learned through it all. Often I think of one of Toby Keith's songs: "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then". However, we need to know and we are learning. The summer of 2016, I made a fairly small contribution the the Trump campaign and received a copy (w/ signed bookplate) of "The Art of the Deal". I read it realizing that I was hearing the same thing from him now...he had not changed. That was so comforting. I laughed my way through the Wollman Skating Rink, but what insight. I later bought "The Art of the Comeback" where he talked about Atlantic City and offering the FBI "entrance" by suggesting they have some of their people hired into the new casinos.

His Inaugural Speech was beyond meaningful. I have watched it several times since and would recommend you do so AND take note of the faces behind him when he calls them out!!! He IS taking a wrecking ball to the establishment....both sides. Thank you, Lord.

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So long SES:))

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Mar 6, 2023·edited Mar 6, 2023

Enlarged my window view, thank you!!

I have one critique- an article edit suggestion.

I read this paragraph 2x, to parse your intended meaning - “ For me, research on Bezmenov should allow you to see how a singular and individually sovereign American organized a dedicated Irregular Warfare team to counter…”. Deciphering which party you were referencing after ‘counter’ (in long comma filled section) was a bit tricky. I did figure it out and am suggesting you place ( : ) after the word ‘counter’ to avoid any confusion for others.

Now to further my personal research 👍🏻

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