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I hope you are correct with some of your guesses. I wish that we had more information on the J&J earlier on. I lost my job as as a physician ( 33 years ) due to my reluctance to get continual forced vaccinations I felt would harm my wife and I. Most of us have suffered in one way or another, but I’m never sorry I refused vaccination.

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Kitty, excellent data points here. The only issue I have, the military, did they get the supervax? The only problem with this question, there are too many claims of vaccine injuries recorded for the military. I forget the military doctor’s name, she’s a whistle blower which came forward to speak about the alarming military vaccine injury data she researched. And if the military were secretly getting the good vaccine, why did so many leave the military to avoid getting vaccinated? Maybe we need to look this Ex-military doctor up and look at her testimony. I believe she may have been invited to speak at the Ron Johnson round table?

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Whatever is said, I am not taking the supervax, any of the other genocide jabs or any jab, for that matter. The one thing I take from all this is that I have been lied to and used as a lab rat ALL MY LIFE. Somebody owes me and owes me really big!

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Let me start with I’m a trump supporter but no one has ever come out with a good explanation on warp speed or him pushing it! I suggest you do a little more research. Attorney Tom Renz is suing DOD for all the adverse reactions to vaccines that were mandated and hiding and removing the info. How come so many Doctors who were censored are coming out about Sudden death syndrome, adverse reactions, etc. I live in a retirement community in Florida tons of deaths and failing health with weird unexplained health issues. Follow McCullough, Malone, and more are talking about how bad the vaccines are.

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I saw this as the truth from the very beginning. I don't think President Trump had a choice looking at everything in his situation. As early as Trump's first televised session with Fauci in mid-March 2020 regarding covid, Trump mentioned HCQ being very effective by doctors. At the time doctors Vladimir Zelenko in NY and Diddier Raoult in France were getting the word out, including to Trump. That's when I looked into HCQ and saw its potential and that we didn't need to use a vax. Since 1989 when the legal liability of a pharmaceutical company due to injuries incurred by adults or children after vaccine use were reduced to almost nothing, I haven't trusted vaccines.

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Love this article! I wonder why President Trump said he specifically took the Pfizer shot though? Why didn't he say J&J? To throw everyone off? Still waiting patiently for him to sit us down and have that little talk - the one he promised us at his July 9th Rally........

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There is no amount of rationalizing that can be done to make Trump's role in the mRNA debacle okay. There are NO positive qualities to the shot. The gates were opened by Trump for the creeps to maim and murder 10's of millions world wide. I voted for Trump twice, and trusted the system and am now crippled for life after 16 hours of surgery from Moderna clotting my left leg. Trump could regain a LOT of support if he came to terms with the TRUTH and admit he made a mistake. If Trump can't do this, he is part of the problem and needs to be criminally charged with the rest of them.

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The contents of this article demonstrates a logical theoretical answer to our lingering questions. I hope it is correct. I read two years ago that Trump had a secret and it was that he countered the black hats attack on us by having a vaccine created and studied. This article supports what I learned early on. I was guessing it was Moderna though since it was really created by DOD research house DARPA. Then became Moderna. The J&J involvement makes sense as it ties to Trump directly through that relationship. Trump does things for a reason. Why else have Woody at a rally?

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An excellent article. I saved a picture of what was in Trump’s vaccine . Trump’s had Hydroxychloroquine , Zinc, Ivermectin , Azithromycin and Doxycycline.

Then there was also Deep States vaccine. I didn’t /don’t know if the above is true, but it made me pause and reflect.

I didn’t do the extensive research that you did ( thank you). I just listened to what President Trump was saying. I also looked at the Covid survival rate by age group and learned all about the PCR test, cycle rate, listened to the exact messaging world wide by the media, etc.

Since then I have read Derek Johnson’s 700 page document connecting President Trump’s Executive Orders to Military Law. I also know that President Trump was asked to run by the Military.

I know this was planned long before President Trump. I can’t imagine the decisions that any President has to make.

I feel really bad for those who took this vaccine and died, and for those who are vaccine injured. I understand that the Med Beds will help the vaccine injured.

I also understand that we are in a war.

I also understand that ultimately, I am responsible for my own medical decisions, no one else.

As a heads up, I have also heard that the next planned pandemic is Ebola. Not sure if this is true, just stating what I have heard. We are fighting a war between good and evil. I pray for the global military operation that is currently underway.

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This is a superb article.

To the naysayers: consider: especially with respect to the Covid narrative and the 2020 election, what Trump and the Patriots were up against: the media, big tech, social media, Hollywood, massive corporations, and politicians from both parties.

Power is always more diffused than people commonly think it is; and this is trebly true of the Presidency, where you are hemmed in and your ever move is observed and magnified.

The only way to counter the Insurgency was to blend in. Why? So the enemy could not identify and isolate you.

What would you have done?

Instead of trying to fight them directly and out in the open, he employed a strategy that could have been lifted almost directly from Sun Tzu’s 5th century BC Art of War.

Remember: the DeepState actors were originally claiming that the “vaccines” would be many years away.

This is critical to understand why Trump did what he did. Think about what would have happened if we were in lockdown for years. That is what the Warlocks wanted. The death toll and financial destruction would have been far, far worse.

So Trump’s Operation Warpspeed seized their plan and—only, btw, wrt the J&J “vaccine”—and accelerated it.

Given the circumstances, it was really his only option.


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Mankind DEMANDED the vax, then had buyers' remorse afterwards, once we knew what was in it. The ones of us with a gut feeling that something just wasn't right about the whole thing came out on top. Trump did say that it was up to us. However, at that time people were scrambling for answers. I treated my own CV-19 (nobody knew what it was yet) with just Ativan to calm already compromised lungs, green tea, and Airborne. Force air into lungs that have been overused and abused already? That's suicide, and I know a few who have died that way, it wasn't their choice. Social distancing should have ben 15 feet that's how far thevirus goes when it's airborne. Sheltering-ridiculous, why not just wrap yourself in bubblewrap. Gloves and masks did nothing. All of the psyops were just for control. Didn't take the vax? Join the club. We do have other things to watch out for but we don't have a 7 year window of life at best.

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One thing bothers me. If Trump is playing the art of war game and we still want to vote for him then why should we think he is playing both sides-is ok.

ie. Major Gay Wedding at Mar Largo that was over the top and he was very supportive.

AND not standing up to these vax/covid industry of death. Why alienate his supporters to the point we don’t know where he is coming from. If he would just stand up FOR TRUTH ABOUT VAX FAILURES AND AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL INFILTRATION OF OUR COUNTRYS SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS NORMS if he did stand against this garbage, he would increase his fan base.

I personally don’t see any step forward against this totalitarian government. In fact I think he’s just becoming their clown

Army? Where? What are they waiting for. Aren’t stolen elections enough?

I have had it. I will be unsubscribing from most Substacks due to wasted words ...going nowhere!

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Trump hesitated when asked if he’d had the booster. I’m not sure he was telling the truth. Wish he’d been asked which one.

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Another great article Kitty! Love it!

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Why did the story of the military developed supervax suddenly have zero interest and follow up by the MSM? Was it because their supervax has already been released into the general population?

This is only a supposition in relation to the ‘supervax’ mentioned here, what if that supervax wasn’t an injectable?

What if that supervax was in fact a form of live attenuated vaccine distributed via natural transmission?


What recent event fits the description of a supervax being introduced on the world?

In Nov. 2021, at the start of the 2nd Covid season and the increasing death toll of the Delta variant all of a sudden there appeared the Omicron variant.

Now the Deep State were expecting and warning of a much more virulent form of covid, this came from DS vax spokesman Bill Gates


However the DS realized this variant wasn’t the variant they were looking for or expected


In fact Omicron it looks like may have been engineered.


Gates even admitted later on


From the wiki article


Accurately imitate natural infections.[36][37]

Are effective at evoking both strong antibody and cell-mediated immune reactions.[36][37][4]

Can elicit long-lasting or life-long immunity.[36][37][5]

Often only one or two doses are required.[36][37][6]

Quick immunity onset.[4][5][6]

Cost-effective (compared to some other health interventions).[38][39]

Can have strong beneficial non-specific effects.[40]”

The Omicron variant was much less lethal and much more infectious, it ‘appeared’ first in South Africa and spread almost faster than jet travel, it was all over the world within two weeks.

For a great majority of people it was much milder in its effects than covid.

It also conferred two major effects, it conferred immunity to itself and to the much deadlier Delta variant going around.

It also very effectively sabotaged the DS funded and produced booster programs, people saw that the original vax and the boosters didn’t stop transmission of Omicron at all and it caused many to question the effectiveness of these shots.

It also sabotaged the justification for lockdowns and mandatory masking which didn’t do anything to slow the spread at all.

Ever since Omicron came and went the level and severity of subsequent covid strains are nowhere near as deadly as the initial covid Alpha and Delta strains.

Notice the MSM aren’t playing up the covid fear porn any longer?

The only people being most affected by the post Omicron variants are the vaxxed!

To most unvaxxed these newer variants are no more deadly than the regular flu.

Coincidence that Big Pharma are now pushing their poisons as ‘bivalent’ flu/covid combo shots?

This might have no bearing on Trump’s mention of getting the vax but it does fit better the description that 100 million or more potential deaths were prevented when Omicron appeared in the scene and naturally ‘vaccinated’ billions around the world while crippling the Deep State’s depopulation strategy.

Just something to think about in this time of war.

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